Sun-kissed highlights truly never ever go the end of style. To gain the look you want and fast, your finest bet is visiting a professional colorist. However maybe you don’t have actually the time or accumulation to visit the salon or maybe your hair just can’t take care of potential damage from bleach-based shade right now. Deserve to you lighten your hair or dye that blonde without making use of bleach or spending day after day in the sun? we asked Matrix imaginative director Nick Stenson to uncover out.

Can girlfriend Lighten Hair there is no Bleach in ~ Home?

The answer is yes and also no. It really depends on your organic hair color and also texture. Stenson claims that the classic DIY systems of applying lemon juice in her hair prior to going outside can work, especially if you currently have light, good hair. However, if you have actually dark hair, you likely won’t gain the golden blonde outcomes you’re spring for. “It’s no a predictable process and can an outcome in gold tones in lighter hair and brassy tones in dark hair,” the says.Because lemon juice is so acidic, this method can additionally be damaging ~ above hair.

Can girlfriend Lighten Hair there is no Bleach at the Salon?

If you feel comfortable heading to the salon, over there are methods your colorist can lighten your hair there is no bleach, yet again, that really depends on her hair color. One method that Stenson recommends is utilizing a professional shade eraser. “It’s a good alternative to bleaching and offers a subtle process of lightening and also brightening end multiple appointments,” that says. “It’s vital to connect to the stylist your expectations to make certain this is the best selection for your goal.”

How to keep Hair healthy if You perform Lighten your Hair through Bleach

If you’re not into the lemon juice idea and your stylist doesn’t introduce a color eraser for your hair, you have the right to go the bleach course without majorly damaging your hair. First, constantly leave bleaching assets to the pros. This is since “bleach has actually the ability to weaken and also stress the hair and also scalp if provided improperly,” states Stenson. After gaining your hair dyed, save hair nourished and also vibrant with continuous deep conditioning treatments. We prefer using the Garnier Fructis increase Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask or the color & Co color Gloss Conditioner Cool Down.

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