We’ve all seen the stats around how faking orgasms is much more common than you would think. And also if you’re here, then you’re clear trying to score some real points in the bedroom.

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Sure, pleasing a woman isn’t exactly rocket science, but it go take some rock heavy technique. Don’t think you have the right to just go down there and also do whatever you want. That’s a rubbish of energy. Going down on a woman needs a most communication and also some experimenting.

But before you start performing oral on your girl, that doesn’t pains to carry out a small research. Thankfully, plenty that Reddit users are willing come share some tips.

Here are 13 the the ideal ones we found.


1. Don’t simply go charging for her vagina.

“Build increase is key. Take a looooong time to discover other parts of she body first. When you lastly get come the vagina, emphasis on various other parts before zooming in on her clit. Begin slow.”

2. It is in gentle. No really.

“Be gentle! whether you are going fast or slow, be tender through her lady parts!”

3. Stay consistent.

“When the sounds favor she is really enjoying it, keep doing what you are doing, don’t rate up or slow-moving down or shot something new. She is enjoy it what you are right now doing therefore why change it up?”

4. Listen and also take mental notes.

“Listen! it is in keen on exactly how your girl responds come what you space doing and also make note of the techniques that do her twist with ecstasy vs yawn.”

5. A small teasing can go a long way.

“Tease her. The last ar you need to go is the clit, and also she should be begging for it. Be attentive and enthusiastic. Tell she how great she tastes.

6. Figure out whereby she wants you to suck.

“On clit suck specifically: part women like this, others carry out not. Some favor the clit sucked on directly, others it’s best to suck around the whole vagina. Also, if your totality mouth is about the optimal of her vagina, there will be a natural vacuum once you’re performing tongue top anyway.”

7. Come finger or not to finger…

“Personally, I find that using fingers deserve to be 1) distracting for her, or 2) it s okay in the way of mine mouth’s valuation (think patting head when rubbing belly). I actually think the Nina Hartley video does a great job the explaining part fingering options (come hither motion, pinching labia/clit, the contrary come hither hold). However, again, since of #1 and #2 above, I generally use just my mouth when it’s time to obtain her every the way there.”

8. But if you perform use fingers, aim because that the g-spot.

“Try and find the g-spot with a finger and also apply on-and-off press to it while you’re working the clit/labia. The g-spot isn’t difficult to find, here’s how: if she’s lied on she back, it’s gonna it is in on the roof that the vagina. Placed a finger in and press up, you’ll feel the pelvic bone with the tissue. The tissue wherein the g-spot is will feel yes, really spongy and also kind the rough. If you have the right to work that spot in tandem with the clit/labia, hope you’ll acquire some good results.”

9. It also helps if you help her feeling comfortable.

“Make she feel totally confident in herself, entirely comfortable and also not self conscious. I deserve to tell you the worrying if mine SO is enjoying it or if he likes how I taste will absolutely ruin it. She won’t pay any type of attention come what you’re doing since she’s so worried.”

10. You might also try breathing out of your mouth.

“When friend can, breathe the end of your mouth. Relies on the girl, however the feeling of warm from your breath can be an extremely stimulating.”

11. Execute not – we repeat – carry out not use porn as a reference.

“You take whatever you’ve viewed in porn and you forget it.”

12. Simply ask she what she wants.

“The ideal thing to execute is ask, in mine experience. Harder? Slower? Faster? You favor that?”

13. Climate afterwards, speak to her about what friend did ideal or wrong.

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“Asking beforehand is great but the ideal time I find is after ~ (seeing as during is very distracting unless its open expressed the your both doing it the end of experimentational purposes).

“Ask her how particular things felt. An ext than likely the most memorable parts will it is in the finishing or the surprisingly an excellent parts. focus on recognize what those were and figure out just how to fine track them to her liking.”