Lively partners through artists to record and quickly provide live shows therefore you deserve to put your phone down and also your hand up.

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Be where you are

We believe the live display should be an uninterrupted experience. We’ll make certain you take the display home v you, therefore you have the right to be where you are, and be over there again whenever girlfriend want. We worth your freedom and therefore incorporated Views into our service. This will enable you to conveniently order views of your video on Instagram v the platform.


Relax and also Relive

Experience and share her favorite shows anywhere. Lively deserve to be easily streamed from your smartphone or tablet to your TV through tools like AppleTV, for this reason you deserve to be there, wherever. Expert’s advice for promoting tracks ~ above Sound Cloud. Instagram stories for musician - how to build an Audience. How to purchase Twitter followers That are Real.
Welcome to theon-the-go showLife ~ above the operation has end up being our reality and every application should lug its benefits to the customer and also not odor them indigenous their important tasks. We take the instance of our partners which supply customer Instagram comment to their customers nearly immediately. They constantly respect the time and know the time is money. And also if we space talking around social networks prefer Instagram, then you can not delay with the promo of your profile. We make certain you have your favorite shows wherever you need them. Top top the way out that the parking lot, relive all your favorite moments before you get home.

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Now that’s one encoreDownload the free Lively app and relive the present anywhere in stunning audio and also video.



"As musicians who travel the country and also indeed the civilization sharing stories and little pieces of our hearts, partnering with a dedicated, an imaginative and supportive team choose the folks at Lively makes us proud and humble to it is in in an sector that so regularly succumbs come the dark side. The an excellent people in ~ Lively are bringing back the days once music helped build community and bring civilization together. They are offering artists a voice and a new home come share something meaningful and timeless. We space grateful for the lively team and also their appointment to spreading the music however mostly we room grateful because that their belief that a an excellent song can still influence change."

Mike Trans, CEO the

"Lively renders it simple for both the artist and the listener come instantly organize the magical experience of a good show in the palm of your hand, which is a powerful thing. The insertion that Lively"s gear into the mix is painless and an ext or less invisible. The normal sound examine proceeds and also they occupational their magic. That is magic - and also magic affordable come all."

− The Posies

"We pride ourselves on being a touring band. We work very hard to provide a good and distinctive performance. From tour to tour, or also night come night, our power changes. We have recorded a lot of shows ourselves and also never relax them, and we recognize a lot of of people record our shows and also share them, yet Lively come around and also offered united state an alternative that we’re excited come use."

− Portugal. The guy

"The people at vivid are great to job-related with and they do recording a set on their application really easy. Lively allows our live performances come live on lengthy after the present ends."

− Jamestown resurgence

"Working through Lively has actually been incredible. My pan love the app because it enables them to interact with mine music in a new way. Lively entirely gets the worth of the live experience and also understands the industry."

− Mycle Wastman

"The Seattle music community loves a gathering place. I worked at endure Music task in the early on years and also it had actually a very similar energy as Lively walk now. There was excitement approximately the mission of the place and it unified a the majority of people. The same thing seems to be happening with Lively. I"m city hall the music neighborhood rally roughly it since we want to watch it succeed."

− Shelby Earl

"Playing at the lively Lounge was whatever an artist really hopes for - good sound, great people who room fun and also super accommodating, and a cool, vibey environment. For the icing ~ above the cake? litter in the truth that the artist has actually live audio and video clip to share with fans automatically after the show. Not just do ns hope to play one more show through Lively in the future, yet I will be using the app to listen to and also watch some of my favorite artists and to discover brand-new music."

− tress Henley

"Working with the Lively world has been out of this world. They knew therefore much about us before we also got top top a phone contact with them. Any kind of ideas us threw at them; playing a private show, filming it, publication it together an encore, filming our complete show and releasing that for free, Lively to be on board. That is the difference, castle are company made of artists. The fact that they have the right to do a three-camera shoot, modify the audio and video, and release it in less than a week, that is art. They no afraid of brand-new challenges, and that is why we room happy to be functioning on future tasks with them. I would remain tuned to this guys and also gals. The stuff that they room coming up v is nothing come sleep on."

− The autumn of troy

"It’s one incredible chance for artists. Vivid is around what it’s always been about, and that’s the live experience. Friend can’t constantly get that sort of energy on a record. As soon as I released mine in Seattle ago in March, I chose to work-related with Lively understanding that my listeners throughout the country might tap in and also experience the show with us and the ones the came can experience it almost everywhere again. It’s a great way to build momentum and also keep your civilization engaged. They’re now succeeding past expectations due to the fact that they"re doing something different... And for the artist, which is rare. That brilliant. Ns thrilled I had actually the possibility to it is in a part of its grassroots and also look front to acquisition them ~ above the road."