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Editor’s Note: Click here come skip all steps listed below & view your Amazon archived orders. If you desire to delete one archived order, go to ‘Your Orders‘ and find i m sorry archived Amazon order you desire to delete (or hide). Once there, click Hide Order. It’s that simple!

Archived orders ~ above Amazon allow you to set aside assets you’re interested in (but not yet prepared to buy) for later viewing. Why could you want to carry out this? A few reasons, including:

hiding orders that may be embaressing.keeping presents a mystery if you share your Amazon account through friends, family, children, or significant others.

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Note: as soon as you archive an order the doesn’t permanently delete them. It only removes them from her ‘default bespeak history‘ view.

The following are 3 straightforward steps on exactly how to see archived orders on Amazon.

Click to check out your Archived order on Amazon, right here →

3 Easy measures On exactly how To discover Amazon Archived Orders

1. Login To your Amazon Account

Sign in to her Amazon account utilizing your username & password.

Once you authorize in, continue to action 2.


2. Check out 'Your Orders'

Pro Tip: Click right here to view ‘Your Orders‘ & skip Step 2.

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Once you sign in to your Amazon account, navigate to her Orders web page by:


3. See 'Archived Orders'

On ‘Your Orderspage:

Click the light gray drop under menu.

How deserve to I Delete Archived assignment On Amazon?

Archiving an bespeak in Amazon is tricky enough. Deleting one archived stimulate is a little an ext confusing.

Fortunately, the procedure is straightforward once you recognize what to do. Measures for deleting one archived stimulate in Amazon show off a couple of simple steps, including:

Click Hide Order

As it stands in 2018, yes no actual method to delete her archived orders; you deserve to only hide them. Hiding them clears the stimulate from your default order background ‘view’. Hidden items still show up once you search for them, however, so save this mind if friend share her account.

If for whatever reason you need to access previously surprise orders, visit ‘Your Accountpage and also click View covert Orders. Additionally, if you need to restore a concealed order earlier to her default order history ‘view‘, click Unhide Order.

What go Archiving one Amazon Order median - Why must I Care?

Archive order on Amazon is a fancy means of speak “saving because that later.” Archiving one order enables you come hide your order because that a later time. You might want to do this because you’re no longer amazing in to express this item, you desire to hide the item from immediate viewing, etc.

As we stated earlier, archiving your order doesn’t delete it permanently. It only gets rid of it from your default order history view tab.

Another method to see your archive bespeak is through visiting your Account and clicking View Archived Orders