How long to grill chicken legs? ideal internal temp that chicken drumsticks? an excellent questions.

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If you’re wondering exactly how to grill drumsticks you’ve come to the best place.

Today we’re food preparation fall turn off the bone drumsticks on the BBQ and showing you how to make her own!

Firing up the BBQ grill and don’t understand what temperature or just how long to grill chicken legs, an ext affectionately well-known as drumsticks? You’re in luck!

Here you’ll learn exactly how lengthy to grill drumsticks, without a fancy recipe.

Grilling chicken legs come the best temperature will make them loss off the bone delicious!

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As i said, this is no a recipe yet a straightforward outline of how to make grilling drumsticks.

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Drumstick Seasoning or Not

Season her legs if you wish.

I usually include a small salt and also pepper, or a store bought dry obstacle nothing an intricate here!

You deserve to also shot this sugar free dry obstacle I’ve made, it’s tasty!


How to Oil Grill Grates

Oil her grill grates together usual. I favor to usage a fifty percent onion on a fork.

Dipping the onion right into vegetable oil and rub that on the hot grill grates before placing the chicken on.

Note that the first couple of flips, the chicken still may stick a tiny bit – this is normal.


How to Grill Chicken foot – Drummies

How long to chef drumsticks?

Place her chicken on the preheated grill and also cook with the lid closed for 30 come 35 minutes, flipping every 5 minutes.

Maintain her grill temp about 400 degrees throughout the whole cook. It’s fine if that fluctuates, they constantly do.

Internal temp that the meat is the most important thing.

Internal Temp that Chicken Drumsticks

The most important component of acquiring a pretty juicy, loss off the bone chicken is the interior temperature!

You must reach an internal temp the 185 degrees F because that drumsticks. Use a meat thermometer because that this to get it right! I have one that these.

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Optional: add BBQ sauce and also continue grilling chicken because that an additional couple of minutes.

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Now the you understand how long to grill chicken legs it’s time to serve up and chow down! #yum!

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How lengthy To Grill Chicken Drumsticks


DrumsticksOptional: seasonings (salt, pepper etc…), BBQ Sauce


Preheat grill to around 400 degrees on her grill dome thermometer. While your grill preheats, prepare her drummies.

Pat your bird legs dry with record towels. This will aid you gain the crispiest skin possible. Ns love the crispy skin, don’t you?