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Student gets "A" because that hacking institution computer

By Jeordan Legonlasignoralaura.com


(lasignoralaura.com) -- It was a breeze because that 15-year-old Reid Ellison come hack into his high school"s computer system grading system. But what come do when he damaged in take it a bit more ingenuity.

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You see, Reid already has a perfect 4.0 grade allude average in ~ Anzar High college in mountain Juan Bautista, California. Therefore to leaving his mark, he made decision to lower his grades to a 1.9 GPA -- a meager D+.

"I couldn"t perform what most people would want to do when they hack into the school"s computer," Reid said. "So I assumed it would certainly be funny to carry out the opposite."

The hacking project, which was sanctioned by the school, left administrators so impression they provided him a perfect score. The institution is now working on addressing the security holes.

"I"m helping them v it," claimed Reid, who"s to be tinkering through computers because he was in 2nd grade and wants to it is in an engineer. "I basically came up with 3 pages to boost the defense of the network in general."

Getting the password


Reid made certain it was straightforward to readjust his grades ago to A"s.

Reid"s task was part of Anzar"s "exhibition" requirement. Come graduate, each student must finish six exhibitions -- written and also oral presentations in history, science, math and also language arts.

It took three hacking programs less than a second -- 200 millisecond to be precise -- to discover the password come the school"s computer, Reid said. It was the school secretary"s name: Silvia.

The school has actually since readjusted the password and also Reid doesn"t know it, yet that doesn"t prevent the jokes native students asking your classmate because that hacking help.

"If the didn"t have such high moral fiber, he can probably make a the majority of money turn off his abilities," said Wayne Norton, Reid"s adviser.

Getting perfect grades back

Reid, who skipped component of the eighth grade, said he"s setup his sights on college, not hacking. The Massachusetts academy of modern technology or the California institute of technology to it is in exact.

After his hacking session to be documented, Reid maintained a nearby eye ~ above the return that his hard-earned A"s.

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"I made sure it was really easy for them to adjust it back," that said.

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