There are a many unanswered questions about the Twitter hack on Wednesday night - however one thing many agree ~ above is it could have been far worse.

Potentially thousands of human being were scammed the end of money after ~ hijacked account of influential verified individuals promised to dual the money fans sent out them in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Using Twitter's inner systems, the cyber-criminals' messages had actually a reach of at least 350 million people.

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With the us presidential election much less than 4 months away, over there are now valid inquiries to it is in asked about whether Twitter have the right to be relied ~ above in the lead as much as the vote.

But countless were the town hall to view if it would fall after his Democrat competitor Joe Biden's account tweeted out the scam.


Image caption, Presidential hopefuls Mike Bloomberg, who had sought the democratic nomination, and Kanye West, who has said he will run together an independent, were among those hacked

"We already know Russia is planning come meddle in the 2020 election just as they walk in the 2016 election," Dr heather Williams, native King's college London, said.

"So this hack shows simply how vulnerable social-media platforms are and how delicate Americans space to disinformation.

"If other bigger to be at stake, such as the presidency, this could have really disastrous aftermath and undermine our democratic processes."

The security effects of the hack are likewise wide-reaching, not just for Twitter yet for every social networks

Early suggestions room the hackers regulated to accessibility administration privileges, which allowed them come bypass the passwords of any type of account castle wanted.

Twitter showed up to confirm this in a tweet saying: "We detect what we think to be a co-ordinated social-engineering assault by civilization who efficiently targeted few of our employees with accessibility to interior systems and also tools."


Image caption, Celebrities consisting of US boxer Floyd Mayweather and also the singer Wiz Khalifa also lost control of your accounts

It might imply a target phishing operation - a typical tactic employed by cyber-criminals, who find out which individuals have the tricks to a device they want to enter and then target lock with an individual emails that trick them into handing end details.

Or it can mean the perpetrators regulated to convince one or number of staff members to walk rogue, by giving a financial inducement or other means.

"Twitter's call is the price of this cyber-attack," people Economic Forum cyber lead william Dixon said.

"More cyber-resilience is needed across the ecosystem to be able to protect society media users about the world."

Twitter is not answering reporters' concerns directly yet said it had taken "significant actions to limit accessibility to interior systems" while that investigated.

The agency also claimed it was "looking into what various other malicious activity might have conducted or info they may have accessed".

The chief executive, management of the message service facet has increased the opportunity confidential data was likewise exposed.

"It's very likely private straight messages were available for a brief time," Matthew Hodgson said.

"Next time, harvesting perceptible information might fuel a wave of extortion or something lot worse."


Image caption, modern technology companies Apple and Uber have much more than 5.5 million Twitter followers between them

The idea Twitter has actually the ability to take end people's account no issue what defense they have may shock some.

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube have actually been approached for discuss their protection arrangements.

But Facebook's former chief security officer Alex Stamos told News every consumer-facing companies needed a method to it is in able to help consumers recuperate hacked or otherwise locked-out accounts.

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"The adjust that deserve to be made below is the Twitter deserve to restrict this capability for high-risk accounts to a lot smaller variety of users or develop tools that call for one human to initiate and also another to grant the change," that said.

"This is, apparently, what they have currently done for President Trump's account, following an occurrence in 2017.