Hanging a big mirror is among the best ways to liven increase an north wall. Next from reflecting light and making your an are look bigger, mirrors also make great statement pieces. Friend can always rely on castle to include some much-needed pizzazz to any kind of space.

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The thing is, hanging something huge and breakable can be fairly intimidating for many folks. But don’t worry, that’s wherein we come in.

In this article, fine teach you just how to cave a hefty mirror in 5 easy steps. 

How to hang a heavy Mirror

We’ve to be doing this for fairly some time, so enable us come walk you v the process. Prior to this day is over, you will do it be acquainted with the different wall types, the hanging hardware offered for mirrors, and also of course, you will do it learn how to install a mirror on drywall.

Here’s a list of points you will need: 


If she ready, stop start!


Step One: determine These three Things

Before getting your hand dirty, you need to recognize these three vital things: the wall type, the weight of the mirror, and also the hardware needed.

Wall kind

Drywall, plaster, and also masonry room three the the most usual wall species that friend can find today. This is a fast low-down on each of them:


What is drywall? 

Drywall, additionally called wallboard, is a structure material offered to create walls and also ceilings. It come in large rigid sheets and also is offered to do the inner walls that a house or building. Drywall is installed without making use of mortar or plaster. 

What is plaster wall?

A plaster wall is make from strips of wood or lath layered on peak of every other. This layers are then nailed to wall surface studs and also coated v plaster for a quite finish. Plaster isusually an ext expensive 보다 drywall but it go offer much better insulation, fireproofing, and soundproofing.

What is masonry wall?

Masonry refers to walls that usage brick, concrete blocks, structure clay tile, and the like. They room the many durable part of any kind of building or structure.



If the weight of the mirror is not suggested by the seller, you can weigh the yourself making use of a bathroom scale. Learning this will help you determine what kind of hanging hardware to use.



Once you’ve figured out the wall type and weight of the mirror, that time to pick the compatible hardware. For mirrors, it’s ideal to pick medium to large hanging hardware that’s perfect for hefty items.

Some hardware options for hanging a mirror include: D-rings, hanging wire, wall surface hooks, anchors and also screws, mirror mounting clips, and also metal cleats. 

Step Two: acquire To know Your Mirror Hangers

Since we’re on the topic, stop dive deeper right into the civilization of mirror hanging hardware. Below are a couple of that you should understand of:



These space D-shaped steel rings hosted by a doubled-over heavy metal strap. We’ve obtained 2 variants obtainable in store: a large 1-Hole D Ring which holds approximately 25 pounds, and a 2-Hole D-Ring which holds as much as 40 pounds.





Traditional braided picture wire - solid yet flexible, this form of wire is do from interwoven strands of galvanized steel. It come in 5 sizes and can support around 12-36 lbs. Use this kind of cable for little to tool frames, canvas art, mirrors, and also other wall decor.


Vinyl coated stainless stole wire - this stainless steel wire comes v a soft security coating. It’s straightforward on the fingers however is still thought about a high-strength wire. Friend can choose from 3 wire size which have the right to hold 25-60 lbs. This wire is appropriate for medium duty applications like plaques, wall decor, and picture frames.


Stainless steel photo wire - as the surname suggests, this kind of wire is created of 7 individual stainless stole strands that have been twisted under tension. They’re really strong, but they’re no as functional as the classic variety. This type of wire have the right to support items between 25-100 lbs, making the the perfect choice for hanging large mirrors and also art.


Wall Hooks

Wall hooks may be small, yet they’re ideal for giving security for more heavier art and pictures. There space different wall surface hooks provided for brick, concrete, plaster, and also drywalls.


Anchor and also Screws

An anchor is a fastener draft to carry out a solid connection in between the wall and the screws. Over there are numerous different varieties of anchors such as drywall anchors, plastic anchors, snaptoggle anchors, and lead anchors.



Metal Cleats

Metal total come in pairs; one is attached to the wall while the other is secured ~ above the back of the frame. They’re used to securely cave long and heavy objects like mirrors, bulletin boards, or art installations. To pick the appropriate cleat for your object, inspect out this chart.



Step Three: Measure and Mark The Wall

Now that you’re familiar with the hanging hardware, stop measure and mark the wall. 


Let’s speak you have actually a drywall, and your mirror already has D-rings attached come it. We will usage anchors, screws, and also hanging wire. This is what to carry out next:

 Figure out where you desire to position your winter on the wall. Because that aesthetic purposes, make sure to check what the reflects. Note that placing your mirror or art over a wall surface stud is beneficial but not important as long as you have actually the best anchors. When you’ve decided where to location your mirror, draw a line on peak of the structure to mark the position.Take your hanging wire and also tie it to the D-rings at the back. Inspect out this fast tutorial on how to tie hanging cable on D-rings. Make sure you carry out this correctly so your mirror will certainly hang securely ~ above the wall.At the ago of the mirror, measure up the distance between the height wire and also the optimal edge the the frame. Carry that measurement come the wall by measuring under from the heat you attracted earlier. Do a mark for where the anchors will be located.


Step Four: install the hardware

With everything marked and measured, that time to download the drywall anchors. We recognize the word “install” could be intimidating but trust us, it’s easy. Plus, you’re virtually done! 


How come Install wall surface Anchors


Using the markings, all you have to do is to gradually drill the anchors into the wall. Then, insert the screw right into the anchors. Make certain to leaving a quarter of the screw exposed come secure the hanging wire. Examine out the video clip above for her reference.

PRO TIP: before hanging up the mirror, apply bumpers to the back to save it indigenous slipping and to defend your wall surface from damage. Bumpers space easy-to-apply adhesive rubber components attached to the back of a frame. Lock come in countless different shapes and also sizes.


Now, you could be wondering, what if we usage French Cleats? don’t worry, it’s just as easy as installing D-rings. Stop walk with the procedures together.


How to download French Cleats

Installing French cleat is quite straightforward. Measures 1-3 will certainly teach you just how to download the cleat on the wall, while step 4 will certainly be all around installing it on the earlier of the mirror.

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Find a spot come hang your object. Put the cleat on the wall surface and usage a level come straighten. Attract a heat tracing her cleat and mark the screw feet for her reference.Drill the necessary holes ~ above the wall surface using a strength drill.Insert the wall surface anchors and drive in the screws with the cleats in position. Make certain that the is still level.Attach the various other cleat on the back of the mirror. Put the cleat against it, make sure it’s straight, and then affix the screws. 


Step Five: cave it up

Now every you have to do is come hang her mirror, step back, and also admire her handiwork. Great job!


Final Thoughts

That no so hard, was it?

You learned a brand-new skill and also expanded your knowledge on winter hanging hardware. No require to call a pro! every you essential was a small guidance and self-confidence in learning how to hang a heavy mirror on drywall.