In the historic communities of Washington, DC and also Alexandria VA homeowners mount flagpoles to their brick homes. Whether displaying the "Stars and Stripes" come celebrate holidays favor Memorial Day, Flag day andthe 4th of July or a decorative garden flag, a flagpole adds character to a DC brick home. To make certain that it remains stable in weather conditions, it need to be fastened correctly.

A flagpole is put in a wall-mounted bracket.

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Brackets installed on brick require some one-of-a-kind hardware. You first need to mount special masonry or cement anchors right into the brick to provide the flagpole installation a certain grip. The anchors room easily found at any kind of home advancement center or hardware store.

Here"s What You will Need:

Flag pole bracketFlag polePencilHammer drillMasonry bitCement or masonry anchorsHammerSocket set or phillips-head screwdriver

Here"sHow to mountain a Flag on Brick:

Place the flagpole clip on the brick structure in the desired location. facility the bracket on a single brick, or on two bricks with one brick above the other. Store the bracket far from the separation, personal, instance brick ends to prevent cracking or splintering the bricks.Hold the clip in place through one hand. Attract a circle in each of the bracket"s screw holes with a carpenter pencil or noting pen. Set the bracket aside.Drill a feet on the marks with a masonry bit that"s the exact same diameter together the stonework anchors. Examine the anchor package because that the drill bit size. Drill the hole slightly deeper than the anchor. Utilizing a tiny brush or compressed air, clean the brick debris out of the hole.Tap the concrete or masonry anchors into the holes in the brick with a hammer until they room flush with the brick.Position the flag parentheses pole over the anchors and secure v the anchor screws. You will need to use a socket wrench or a screwdriver to tighten the mounting screws, depending on the kind of fasteners supplied.Loosen the thumbscrew ~ above the flag pole holder and insert the flag pole. Tighten the thumb screw come secure the flag pole right into position.

The biggest TRICK if you space drilling right into brick is come make sure you usage a HAMMER DRILL versus a constant drill. This will conserve you over two hours of headaches and broken drill bits....Please stay ear plugs and also glasses too. Here"s a video that demonstrates exactly how to mountain a flag top top brick:


Renaissance Development, a leader in brick restoration and historic preservation, specializes in the restoration of a historical brick building’s mortar joints using traditional methods (tuckpointing) and also materials. Call us for a complimentary site visit and project quote.

Historic structures don’t Take treatment of Themselves

Maintaining centuries-old structures requires classic methods and materials … and that method you might not know the right method to take care of upkeep of your historic building’s masonry. There’s so much an ext to tuckpointing 보다 replacing mortar.

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