Here is a step by step tutorial on the best way to hang a large wall mirror.

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When we were making our residence gymremodelwe knew the a huge mirror would certainly be perfect because that the space. We an installed two large mirrors the each measured 5 x 3 ft, sweet 31 lbs. And also then we added a lumber frame. Because that this post I will present you exactly how we placed the large mirrors. Ns will article in a few days how to add a Wood structure to a huge Mirror.When us were in the process of hanging our large mirrors our study revealed the there space a few different choices on how to go about this. As soon as deciding i m sorry mounting hardware come use think about the weight and also size of the mirror, kind of wall material come be mounted too, function of the mirror, and a frameless or framed mirror.

Here is a quick summary of five various ways to cave a mirror:

What is the ideal height to hang a mirror?

In basic the ideal height is eye level in ~ the center of the mirror. This way that the center of the mirror need to hit between 57 – 65 inches. Keep in mind the function of the mirror could effect the height to cave it and if it will certainly be over any furniture.

Since our winter were located in our home gym castle would role for checking out my amazing six pack and massive biceps our kind when lifting weights and doing exercise moves. So because of this placement was vital to be able to see various high and also low move from multiple locations in the gym. We inserted our mirrors about 18 inches from the ground.

Due to the size and weight of our mirrors we opted to hang these in studs and not just use anchors in the dried wall. Also knowing that us were intending to location a hardwood frame approximately the mirror we want the least obtrusive clips we might find. We opted for these stainless steel ones from Ace Hardware.We bought a total of 12 and used 10.

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Measuring tape




Step 1)We supplied a measuring ice cream to note where we want the top and also bottom that the winter to hang. We significant the studs using a stud finder. Then utilizing a level we drew a heat to recommendation the placement of the mirrors, screws and also clips. Then we installed the clips.

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Step 2) We inserted one mirror right into the bottom clips then slide the top clips down to lock in location over the peak of the mirror. Then we repeated this step for the following mirror.It seems that the corners and also edges space delicate and also we cracked it in a couple of spots…oops.Later we added a Wood framework to the mirror so it looks choose this now (post will certainly be increase in a few days).