A fireplace usually occupies a large area in the life room. Stylizing the fireplace includes hanging a winter over the mantel. When placing a mirror over the fireplace, make certain that its dimension is proportional to the fireplace to produce balance. A mirror which is tiny will not give a an excellent impact to the design and will simply look favor out the place. Gain a framework which maximizes the format of the room or friend can acquire something that brings a beautiful and also unexpected comparison to the design.

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When hanging a large mirror end a mantel, make sure that the screws are tightly enclosed on the frame and the mirror wire is securely tightened come the screws. Use screws or bolts the will support the weight of the mirror. Right here are the materials and steps in hanging a big mirror end a mantel. Remember, when hanging a big mirror, ask who to be your helper.



butcher file or any large wrapping paperpencilscissorspainter’s tapemeasuring tapeelectronic stud finder (optional)screws or toggle boltsdrill


1. Trace the winter on the butcher paper. Reduced the pattern and also fold that lengthwise to obtain the center. Ice cream it over the mantel. Mark this suggest with a pencil. Have a 7″ room between the mantel and the mirror. Leaving the pattern on the wall surface and check if you choose the position. The beauty, beauty of a record pattern is you deserve to switch from hanging a rectangle-shaped mirror from a portrait to landscape position easily.

2. With the sample on the wall, note the facility of the winter on the wall. The is your overview on where the height of the mirror will certainly be.

3. Look at the back of the mirror and also hold the winter wire increase taut, no have to lift the winter off the floor. Measure the distance in between this point and the optimal of the mirror. Go ago to the wall surface and note this measurement indigenous the first mark you made. This is whereby you will install the screw or bolt. Utilizing a stud finder, check if over there is a wall surface stud on this spot. If over there is none, you need to use a toggle bolt in hanging a huge mirror because it will have the ability to support the weight of the mirror.

4. Eliminate all the items over the mantel for a clear occupational area.

5. Utilizing a drill, download the screw or toggle bolt securely come the wall, leave at least an inch of the thread whereby you will hang the mirror.

6. V your helper, very closely hang the mirror. Examine if the winter is centered.

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Decorate the mantel therefore the winter won’t be reflecting a blank ceiling. Place candles or lover lamps, flowers, and also other decors.