What far better way to get into the holiday heart than to deck the walls! Sure, nothing deserve to steal the spotlight from your Christmas tree, but a festive holiday wreath is just the point your wall needs to start the season’s greetings. Gain your home holiday prepared in a flash there is no drilling any holes. That took less than 5 minutes to hang a wreath ~ above brick without any tools or damage!

DécoBrick™ is designed because that easy, no damages decorating

So those the huge secret? DécoBrick™ is ours patented removable and reusable brick hanger that have the right to be supplied indoors and also out. The won"t damages your wall in any way and can securely hold up come 15 lbs the weight, so you can hang a variety of items native wreaths, come signs, mailboxes, and more.

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Hanging hardware hack because that a wreath

Not every wreaths come through hanging hardware top top the back, but don’t worry, we’ve got straightforward hack if that’s the case. Take it a zip tie and insert it into the wreath; form a loop the becomes a makeshift hook. Make certain the loop is large enough to fit approximately the DécoBrick hook, but tiny enough the it remains surprise behind her wreath as soon as it hangs on the wall.



Two hook forms to hang any décor

DécoBrick come in two different patented head designs: a button and hook. The switch head is designed because that sawtooth hangers and keyholes, often discovered on mailboxes, clocks and also signs, when the hook is design for cable or D-rings and works well for lights and also wreaths. Although us recommend one form of head to fit various hardware, pick the one the works best for you depending upon what she hanging. We offered the hook head because that hanging our wreath.


How to download DécoBrick

DécoBrick is simple to install and remove v no devices required. Simply hook the bottom that the hanger under the bottom leaf of the brick, and also then using your thumb stretch and also hook the height of the hanger come the optimal edge of the brick. That that basic and girlfriend are all set to hang your décor. 

When the time because that a change, the hangers are simply as easy to remove and also can be repositioned or used again for another project.

Easy to remove and also reuse

The removal process is simply as quick as the application. Remove the DécoBrick hanger is simply the reverse of installation it. Contempt stretch the hanger upwards utilizing your fingers and unclip if from the brick. 


You deserve to easily change the position of the hooks together needed, there is no worrying around any damages to your brick. This provides it a perfect solution for hanging seasonal décor.

Not all bricks are the same

​​DécoBrick hangers deserve to be supplied on brick inside or external your home. They are designed to work with conventional North American bricks that room 2 1/4” yet will stretch to accommodate slight variations in brick height from 2 ⅛” to 2 ⅝”.

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In stimulate to download properly and also securely, the mortar needs to be recessed through a minimum of ¼”.


Easy wreath styling ideas

This wreath is one of the most distinctive ones we’ve come across, so when we saw it in ~ the store, us just had actually to obtain our hands on it. It’s do of white glitter berries and perfect for winter. 

You have the right to hang the wreath as is, but in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we thought it’d be funny to add a touch of Christmas to it. If the white wreath by chin is stunning, us knew a details flair would match it well, so us tied a huge red bow on the top and also let the ribbons drape under effortlessly. Doesn’t this just scream Christmas? we love it! 


In another look, we included red berry to the wreath. We played roughly with the position and also zhuzhed it up, so the looked like it was intended to be over there in the first place. All’s same in the decorating world, and also there’s no damage in DIYing other to make it better! don’t be fear to experiment v styling till it looks good to you. 

Wasn’t the easy? No more breaking the end a sweat or breaking the financial institution to cave the wall surface décor you love. DécoBrick hangers can also be provided both indoors and also outdoors, so the decorating possibilities room endless. Simply so friend know, we also designed a no damage solution because that vinyl, too. Inspect out DécoVinyl™ to learn more. 

We love designing assets to make decorating easy. Click the live chat below or email united state at: questions