Having a concrete wall surface often makes it difficult for united state to decide to remodel it. There’s a general feeling that, if us mess the up, then it is ruined. Or possibly you don’t understand which devices work ideal for these walls.

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It is particularly complicated when we talk around hanging pictures. We faced this dilemma ago at home, yet we’ve found various approaches that work great for hanging pictures on a concrete wall.

We’ll re-superstructure these approaches with you to aid you have those beautiful storage on her home, ideal where you can see it every time you and your family enter the house.

3 most Common means to Hang photos on Concrete Wall 

Method 1: utilizing Adhesive Hooks


While many adhesive hooks are strong enough to store your photos on the wall, you have to buy a couple capable the holding about 8 pounds, or 3.6kg the weight.

The adhesive hooks are superb solution due to the fact that they don’t need we drill feet in the wall. Instead, they have adhesive backings, which can stick steady to the wall. Either way, you must understand the weight of the picture or the object you want to hang to select the finest adhesive hooks.

For much better support, you might use 2 hooks, or as much as you consider necessary. It will all depend on the load of the frame, i beg your pardon is various for every case.

Preparing the Wall

If you desire to get a certain hold, you must clean the wall using supplies choose alcohol. Use it through a document towel or a rag to clean the area, and leave it free of debris or other unpleasant aspects that can get in the way.

Also, the adhesive hook takes advantage of a clean surface giving a firm assistance in the wall.

If friend don’t have actually alcohol nearby, then use any substance you think about it will store the wall surface clean. Soapy water is a good choice, but any type of supply capable of cleaning the wall surface will execute the job. Make sure the point out is dried after the cleanup.

Marking the Spots

Using a small pencil, note the specific place wherein you will be installing the hook. That is better to avoid mistakes while doing this operation, i m sorry is why you have to be as an accurate as possible.

Sticking it come the Wall

Remove the plastic covering the adhesive and also press it come the wall for around 30 seconds.

After taking off the file lining at the back of ours hook, we’ll have to line the hook straight and also press it with sufficient strength as lengthy as needed. For many cases, 30 seconds are enough, and also you should release that afterward.

Let the Adhesive Dry

For the following 30 come 60 minute we’re going come let the adhesive execute its job and also get a heavy grip come the wall. When you consider it is all set, do a tiny test through hanging details items ~ above the hook.

If by any kind of chance your item is heavier 보다 expected, and it rips the hook turn off the wall, climate you’re walk to need other hooks capable of withstanding a heavier weight.

Method 2: using Hardwall Hangers


Get hardwall hangers capable of resisting up to 25 pounds, or 11 kg. They are designed to work-related well v concrete or brick walls, and also hanging pictures on castle is easy and also quick. The installation procedure is fast, which way you it will be up and also ready to organize your frames in tiny to no time.

These hangers encompass sturdy pins the anchor its base in the wall.

You’ll require two hangers for better support and also a hammer.

Marking the Spot

Mark the perfect spot on the wall surface where you intend to install the hanger. In case you decided to use two hangers, you must measure the distance in between them, and also make certain it matches the correct broad of your picture.

Installing the Hangers

Place the hanger top top the marked spot, and also hold it still v your hand when you usage the various other one to pond the 4 pins in the wall, yet only halfway.

Then, release it to examine whether or not it maintains that is position, and if it is at the correct position. ~ confirming the it is wherein you want it, continue hammering the pins.

During the an initial phase, you could want to hammer the pin gently. The will enable you to eliminate it quickly if you’re no happy v the results, however it is likewise a safe means to perform it while maintaining your finger safe.


Hang your desired photo and inspect if it is straight. Feel cost-free to make any kind of adjustment you think about necessary. Then, behold the an outcome of your tough work: a beautiful picture depicting one incredible moment hanging top top the wall.

Method 3: Using masonry Anchors


The anchor’s design features plastic many of the time, and also it contains the crucial screws you should insert in it. However, you will certainly still need a drill and also its particular masonry little bit of the exact same size of the anchor.

If you desire to walk for a for sure bet, you might get one of the stonework kits. These sets encompass the anchor, all the screws, and also a specific masonry bit. Again, for much better support, you might use two anchors.

Using the correct Tool

So far, we’ve avoided doing significant damage come the wall, but for this method, we’re walk to need to do it.

Using the hammer drill, begin working ~ above the wall surface until you acquire the results you want. The continual electric drill works well because that this task, however using a hammer drill is faster and also easier.

The Drilling Process

Of course, it is better to note the spot before beginning your work due to the fact that it gives you a better idea about where come drill.

After that, placed the bit over it, hold it tight, and start working. Civilization recommend drilling at a slow speed for far better results, but it is entirely up come you to decide what works far better for her wall.

Placing the Anchor In the Hole

Tap both of her anchors in the feet you created. Perform it till the hanger is flush v the wall. You want it to be together fit as possible, however not also much due to the fact that it will complicate the hammering process.

If you have a difficult time tapping the anchor, then it might be better to broaden the hole a small bit, rather of advertise it.

Installing the Screw

Put the screw in the anchor to secure its place. For this task, you can use a screwdriver or a screw bit from your drill. It works either way, and you have to stop your operation right prior to it is flush. Doing that this method allows girlfriend to use the room for adjusting the wire of the photo your hanging.

And there’s that. Not much else to do except to enjoy your brand-new hanging photo on the wall.

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Final Words

We’ve gone with three various methods because that hanging pictures on the concrete wall. Each process may re-superstructure similarities through the other, however every person has actually a favorite way of law it. Ultimately, deciding i m sorry one is much better for your residence is a task that counts upon you, and nobody else.