Hanging images on a concrete wall surface isn’t as straightforward as if it were framed out of wood. However don’t allow that protect against you. There are a couple of great means to cave a photo on heavy cement and they’re all pretty basic to do. Hanging a pictures or 2 or 3 is a an excellent and easy method to make any room feel more like home. Pictures can be a substantial benefit in the department if her walls space concrete since they have tendency to feeling cold and sterile. The 3 most usual ways we hang photos on concrete are adhesive hooks, hardwall hangers, and also masonry anchors. In this short article we’ll be mentioning all three in depth along with some great tips indigenous our interior designers.

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Before you pick a technique and begin hanging any kind of pictures on her concrete walls, make certain you know the load first. Some techniques are better than others relying on what your pictures weigh. Measure and also mark where you desire the photos to go before you hang anything. Functioning on concrete wall surfaces is much more permanent than with wood. Once your ready, acquisition the hooks you’ll need (removable adhesive hooks, stonework anchors, or hard wall surface hangers), make sure your hooks can bear the weight, and also hang your photos.

Hanging picture on a concrete wall surface isn’t that hard to do as soon as you know how and which techniques works best. Good Luck.


Concrete snapshot Hangers side by side. Hardwall Hangers, Adhesive Hooks & masonry Anchors.

The Most common Ways to Hang images on a Concrete Wall

Once you’ve picked out the perfect spot to hang your picture, it’s time to pick the appropriate mounting hardware.

There space three main species of hardware you have the right to use to cave a snapshot on concrete. Adhesive hooks, hard wall hangers, and also masonry hooks.

Each the these methods work an excellent for hanging a snapshot on concrete but they’re designed to do different things. And also they each have actually their own pros and cons i m sorry we’ll comment on later on.

In stimulate to identify which mounting technique is best you need to ask you yourself a couple of important questions.

Are you enabled to drill something permanently right into the wall.How long the photo will it is in hung. Execute you want a irreversible mount or miscellaneous temporary.The weight of your photoThe dimension of your photoYour budget

It’s really important to identify which mounting an approach is finest for your particular situation. For example, if your mounting fine art that weighs a lot climate I would recommend a long-term mount that deserve to handle the weight. However if you’re hanging a photo temporarily or it’s an extremely light climate a rod on mountain is frequently the best choice.

Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks space the simplest method to hang a snapshot on concrete. They’re super basic to install, basic to remove and are not permanent so lock won’t damages the wall. Yet they’re also the weakest.

Check the brand to see how much weight her hooks deserve to handle and know the weight of her picture. If you hang a photo that’s too heavy you can rip the hook best off the wall. However, for a typical size picture that’s under 10 lbs an adhesive hook is typically strong enough.

Adhesive hooks space a great way to cave a snapshot on concrete since they don’t need drilling any type of holes. Instead, they have actually an adhesive backing i m sorry sticks firmly to the wall. If you want a systems that’s non permanent and won’t damage the concrete the these space what you need to use.

Pro Tip: If you need an ext support and don’t desire a long-term hanger climate use more adhesive hooks. 2 or more hooks deserve to work with each other to support an ext weight. By using much more hooks you spread out the weight of the photo among them. Because that example, a 20lb photo would be too hefty for your mean adhesive hook but 3 could probably handle it.

How To install Adhesive Hooks ~ above A Concrete Wall

Using adhesive hooks to hang a photo on a concrete wall surface isn’t that hard. However there are a couple of steps you should take in order to make certain the hooks connect firmly to the concrete.

Clean the Wall

If you desire a really firm hold, you need to clean the area whereby the hook is going before sticking it come the wall. I prefer to usage a cleaner prefer alcohol but any type of mild generic family members cleaner will do. Also warm soap and water is generally enough. Placed a tiny cleaner on a file towel or cloth and also wipe the area.

The adhesive on one adhesive hook pole much far better to a clean surface. If there’s dust or dirt on the wall surface then you won’t gain a an excellent hold.

You don’t need to scrub hard unless the concrete is very dirty. In most instances a clean is simply to eliminate dust, dirt and also maybe part concrete powder.

Make sure the area is dry before you attach the hook.

Mark the Spot

I favor to use a pencil and mark specifically where I desire the hook. Make certain the note is level because once the hook sticks girlfriend can’t adjust it later.

It’s much better to take her time, be an accurate and prevent mistakes.

Stick It come The Wall

The adhesive anchor will have actually a plastic cover that protects the glue. Remove the plastic covering to expose the adhesive. Make sure not to touch the adhesive due to the fact that the oils from her finger have the right to weaken the glue. Closely press the anchor it to the wall for about 30 seconds.

Make sure to very closely line increase the hook in precisely the location you desire it and also press firmly but not too hard. Use just enough pressure to keep it in place.

Let The Adhesive Dry

Wait for at the very least 30 – 60 minutes prior to you hang anything ~ above the hook. It takes some time for the adhesive to dry and totally grip come the wall. Once sufficient time has actually past walk ahead and hang her picture.

Make sure not to hang anything too heavy. If your picture is heavier than the hook deserve to support climate it may rip ideal off the wall. If that happens then acquire stronger hooks or use more of them. It’s good to usage 2 or much more hooks to cave a hefty picture.

SummaryClean the area with an alcohol wipe or various other mild cleaner.Wait because that the area to dry.Mark the area wherein the hook goes through a pencil.Remove the hooks plastic backing.Hold the adhesive top top the wall surface for around 30 seconds with firm pressure.Wait at the very least 30 – 60 minutes prior to hanging your picture to for sure the adhesive has completely adhered come the wall.

Hard wall surface Hangers

Hardwall hangers are designed to occupational on concrete, brick, block or other masonry walls. They’re a tool strength hanger capable of holding roughly 25 pounds, or 11 kg. That’s more than twin the stamin of an adhesive hanger.

Hanging images on concrete with a hardwall hanger is quick and easy. They feature sturdy pins the anchor the base right into the wall.

You can use many hardwall hangers to host pictures weighing over the limit.

How To download Hardwall Hangers on A Concrete Wall

Hardwall hangers room quick and easy to download on a concrete wall. They’re are only a couple of steps, and also unlike adhesive hangers, you don’t need to clean the wall surface first.

Mark the Spot

Mark the specific spot wherein you’d like to download the hanger. Whenever you occupational with concrete it’s necessary to be accurate. Hardwall hangers are more permanent so over there won’t it is in a chance to readjust the hook later. Take her time and make certain the hook is just right to cave the snapshot exactly where you desire it.

Installing the Hangers

Place the hanger ~ above the marked spot. Hold it still v your free hand if you usage the other one to nail the four pins into the wall.

Only hammer the pins in about fifty percent way at first. Prior to hammering them all the means in, stop and check whether or not the hook maintains that position and if it’s quiet in the appropriate spot. ~ confirming that it’s wherein you want it, proceed hammering the pins.

If the hook isn’t in the ideal spot climate you’ll have to ago it out and adjust. This deserve to be a problem due to the fact that you can’t put two feet right alongside each other so take your time and also make certain the hook is in the perfect place before nailing.

Take her time and hammer the pins firmly however not as well hard. It’s not like driving a nail. Going slowly will assist keep the hook in the right place until every the pins space secured. It’ll also assist prevent crashes and probably save a finger or two.

Hang The Picture

Hang your desired snapshot and make sure it’s straight. As with with adhesive hooks, make certain not to cave a picture that’s too hefty for the hardwall hanger. If girlfriend overload them you can rip the hooks best out that the wall.

SummaryMark the spot wherein you’re installation the hanger.Hold the hanger top top the mark and carefully start hammering in the pinsStep ago and check that that is in the ideal spot once the pins are about fifty percent way in. If not then stop and also adjust.Hammer the pins completely into the concrete into the wall.Hang your photo.

Masonry Anchors

A masonry anchor is the strongest and most permanent method of hanging a snapshot on a concrete wall. Some deserve to hold over 10 times the weight of a hardwall hanger and over 30 times the weight of adhesives.

Masonry anchors come in a wide range of styles, sizes and also materials. Each designed for a various purpose. To buy the one you need for the appropriate amount of load you intend to hold.

All masonry anchors need drilling a pilot hole right into the concrete wall before girlfriend secure the anchor therefore you’ll require a stonework drill and also some bits.

Because the how complex the procedure is to download a masonry anchor, they’re the many expensive, labor intensive and also skilled method to cave a photo on a concrete wall. However they’re likewise he many secure.

Use The appropriate Tools

Masonry anchors need drilling a pilot hole right into the concrete wall surface which requires some one-of-a-kind tools. You have the right to use any drill to carry out it if you have the best bit but I introduce a hammer drill. A hammer drill doesn’t simply spin like a continual drill. It likewise move back and forth as it spins and also hammers the drill little bit in. The hammering and also spinning work together come drill into concrete much better than a drill that only spins.

When you have a hammer drill and also a brand-new bit, drilling into concrete is easy and also typically bring away under 30 seconds unless girlfriend hit a stone.

Concrete has stones inside referred to as aggregate. If you get unlucky and hit one of these stones while drilling her pilot hole then simply muscle through. It’s harder to drill v a stone than cement however masonry bits deserve to do it. Take your time going v stones though and occasionally back out the bit and also let that cool. If the rock is really difficult it deserve to burn out the bit from every the warm that’s created inside the feet from friction. You have the right to sometimes check out a bit obtain red hot and black from drilling versus a rock for too long.


When girlfriend buy your stonework anchor, the package will tell you just how deep the hole needs to be and how wide. Yet the ideal size little bit length and diameter to make the hole.

Mark & Drill The Hole

Mark the clues you desire the hole prior to you start drilling. A stonework anchor is long-term so it has to be very accurate. There’s no adjusting things later.

When you drill right into masonry take your time and also press hard. The bit and also drill will do many of the work. Frequently you don’t have to press too difficult unless you hit a stone, then you’ll need to put much more pressure.

A hammer drill put the pressure in because that you v it’s hammering action. This renders drilling into concrete a many easier. With a traditional drill you’ll need to put an ext pressure.

Make sure to drill the hole in straight and also not at an angle. This will ensure the anchor head sits flush against the wall.

Pro Tip: come make certain I don’t drill too deep i take a item of tape or a black color marker and also mark the depth i want appropriate on the drill bit. As soon as my note is flush v the wall surface I understand I’m in much enough. This is important because if the hole is too shallow the anchor won’t go in much enough and will stick the end of the wall. If friend drill in too much the anchor can acquire pushed in too deep if hammering. You desire the anchor at simply the best depth come be every the means in and also flush v the wall.

Placing the Anchor In the Hole

Once the hole is drill secure your anchor. Most stonework anchors for snapshot require a plastic piece to it is in hammered right into the hole and also then a screw. These actions are self explanatory and really easy come do. Just hammer in the plastic gently and also then screw in the screw.

Don’t hammer the plastic in too difficult or as well deep. It should finish up flush v the wall.

If you have a tough time tapping in the anchor climate you may have drilled the hole as well narrow or no deep enough. Adjust as girlfriend need. Yet don’t do the hole too deep or too broad to host the anchor.

Installing the Screw

This is the easiest part. Simply screw in the screw. Because that this task, you can use a driver or a screw gun. It works fine either means but I favor to execute it through hand. You want to stop the screw prior to it’s flush through the wall surface so part is sticking out. Ns feel ns have much more control through hand then v a power tool.

A tiny space in between the screw head and wall allows you to change the photo wire a bit.

SummaryMark the spot whereby you desire to hang her photo.Place the drill little over the mark and also drill right into the wall. Make sure to drill in straight.Tap her anchor into the hole till flush through the wall.Secure the screw right into the anchor with a small space left over.Hang her photo.


When deciding on which anchor come use, you should take into consideration not only the weight of the picture but also how lengthy you desire the photo to it is in there. If you desire it over there temporarily, use adhesive hooks. They’re fast, cheap and also easy come install and also come off as soon as you desire them to v no long-term hole. If the photo will it is in there because that a lengthy time, use masonry anchors or hard wall hangers.

The weight of your photo matters once picking the best hardware together each style bears different weights. If your photo is light (less than 8 lbs) you can use any type of hardware (adhesive, stonework anchors, or hard wall hooks), but if its really hefty (200 lbs or more) you need to use stonework anchors. for photos with weight in the middle (8-30 lbs) usage a hardwall anchor.

Your photos’ length and also height are not that important. The main element effecting i beg your pardon hook to usage in weight. The hook doesn’t care what size frame you have actually as lengthy as that doesn’t exceed the hooks weight limits.

The last variable to consider when purchase hardware is your budget. Adhesive hooks space the cheapest, averaging around $5.00 for a load of two. Next comes hardwall hangers, i beg your pardon are about $8.00. Return hardwall hangers do require you likewise own a hammer which ns assume most people have. If not you have the right to buy a cheap one for under $20 bucks.

The many expensive option are stonework hooks. These cost roughly $15.00 because that a collection which includes 4 anchors. But you need a drill to install them and bits. Also a cheap hammer drill expenses over $50 plus another $10 for 2 bits. So without the drill her looking at about $25.00 because that 4 wall anchors and two bits.

Adhesive HooksHardwall HangersMasonry Anchors
Permanent DamageNoYesYes
Weight7.5 lbs25 lbs250+ lbs
Cost$5.00$8.00$25.00 (plus a drill)
ToolsNoneHammerPower Drill

Can i Hang A snapshot On Concrete?

Hanging image on the wall surface is a good way to do a home feel more like her home. Yet if her walls are made the concrete it’s a many harder to do.

If you very own the home then making permanent holes is approximately you. However, if you rent then her landlord most likely won;t desire you drilling a bunch of long-term holes in the cement.

If you’re a renter and want to hang a picture or two on a concrete wall, ns recommend friend stick with adhesive hooks.

Adhesive hooks are not permanent and also can host your usual photo the weighs under 8 pounds. But the great thing is that you deserve to use lot of hooks to cave a solitary picture. If you have a snapshot that weighs over the 8 pound limit then use much more hooks.

Where come Hang her Picture

The first step in hanging your picture is choosing the appropriate location. This is a small off topic since where you hang it ~ above the concrete wall doesn’t effect how you cave it. But due to the fact that some approaches are irreversible it renders the location extra important, so I thought I’d include a few tips to help you out.

Deciding specifically where to hang your photo can be stressful under typical circumstances, yet when the snapshot may be irreversible it’s even an ext so. Luckily our interior developers have some great advice because that you.

When hanging simply one picture or a grouping, place it or them in an area that’s a focal point. You might just hang images in arbitrarily places but the finest designers select spots that have purpose. Photos will draw attention so save that in mind once picking your spots.

To produce the ideal experience, place the center of your photo at eye level, i beg your pardon is about 57 inches native the ground. once hanging multiple photos, location the facility of the collage in ~ eye level as well. Photos that are too high or 2 low look at strange.

If you desire to test the end the locations then print out pictures of your pictures and also tape them come the wall. Adjust as needed. Plan is extra crucial when her working v anything permanent.

Consider the layout of your room and your furniture. The spots friend hang your photos today may look great, but if you readjust the furniture exactly how will castle look later. If you need to move the pictures then you might end up v ugly holes in your wall surfaces unless you’ve offered all adhesive hooks.

Summary: exactly how To cave A photo On Concrete

Hanging photos on a concrete wall surface isn’t as easy as if it were framed the end of wood. However don’t allow that avoid you. There space a couple of great methods to hang a snapshot on heavy cement and they’re every pretty easy to do. Hanging a pictures or 2 or 3 is a an excellent and easy method to do any space feel an ext like home. Pictures have the right to be a vast benefit in the department if your walls are concrete since they have tendency to feeling cold and also sterile. The 3 most usual ways we hang images on concrete space adhesive hooks, hardwall hangers, and also masonry anchors. In this article we’ll be discussing all three in depth along with some an excellent tips indigenous our interior designers.

Before you choose a method and begin hanging any kind of pictures on your concrete walls, make certain you know the weight first. Some methods are much better than others depending on what your photos weigh. Measure and also mark whereby you want the pictures to go before you cave anything. Functioning on concrete wall surfaces is much more permanent than v wood. As soon as your ready, acquisition the hooks you’ll need (removable adhesive hooks, stonework anchors, or hard wall surface hangers), make sure your hooks have the right to bear the weight, and hang her photos.

Hanging photos on a concrete wall isn’t that tough to do when you understand how and which methods works best. An excellent Luck.

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If friend have any questions or comment e-mail us any type of time. We’d love to hear indigenous you.