To hang a wreath on a brick wall surface without drilling, set a brick clip in place before securing the wreath v zip ties. This no-drill equipment works great for interiors and also is an ideal for exterior wreaths whereby the weather is mild. Because that a much more secure wreath in exterior settings, collection masonry screws right into the mortar between bricks, then zip tie the wreath to the screws.

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Drive in Your masonry Screw

Drive one of the stonework screws contained with the drill bit right into the pilot hole you made in step 2. Perform not journey the screw in fully. Leave ½ customs (1 cm) the the screw protruding from the brick. This will serve together your “hook” because that hanging the wreath.

Drive a self-tapping masonry screw right into the pilot hole.Allow ½ inch (1 cm) of the screw to protrude indigenous the feet so you deserve to hang the wreath.

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Old mortar in between bricks might crumble when drilling and also driving in screws. If the screw is loosened in the hole, eliminate the screw, squirt part heavy-duty adhesive right into the hole, and then re-insert the screw. Enable the adhesive come dry prior to hanging your wreath.