Ahhh, the joys of a long-term relationship: Comfort, loyalty...and a sort-of-stale sex life. Not so fast. Remaining together because that the long haul doesn"t necessarily mean activity in the bedroom has to suffer. In fact, knowing each other so well can actually do things even hotter in that arena. Need proof? we spoke to real couples, all of whom have actually been together for 10 years or longer, and rank your sex lives very highly. Happy for you, they were willing to share your secrets.

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Secret #1: placed it on the calendar.


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"My husband travel a lot because that work,” states Marianne*, 39, who has actually been married for 15 years, "so we "bookend" it. We have actually sex prior to he leaves and right as soon as he gets back." Chet* and also Tina*, 49 and also 47 respectively, who have actually been with each other 16 years, additionally schedule sex as soon as they need to travel. "If Tina is leaving for a trip, she"ll prevent by the residence on her method to the airport from job-related to "get some" before flying," states Chet, "or we"ll setup to have sex ~ church if I have to leave on a Sunday."

Secret #2: it is in candid."The an enig to keeping sex interesting is making certain the lines of communication are open," states Alisa, 40, who has actually been married because that 18 years. "Tony didn"t always know how to provide me an orgasm. As soon as I do the decision to talk to him about what does work, we reached a whole brand-new level that intimacy. I wasn"t wait for him come "figure the out" anymore; sharing has made both the us far better lovers."

Secret #3: Act prefer teenagers."We"ve been married because that 11 years and also have three children, but my husband and I still have actually fun, similar to we did when we to be dating," states Caroline*, 39. "We tho "do it" top top the floor, even though we have actually a California King. Every now and then once he"s functioning from home, I"ll interrupt the in stilettos and also a robe, or I"ll easily flash him as soon as we"re out and also no one"s looking. As soon as he tries to playfully grope me ns don"t swat him away—it keeps the spark alive."

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Secret #4: Let her mind be changed."Basically I"m the guy in the relationship and also just want to carry out "wham bam thank you ma"am," however my husband isn"t choose that," claims Meredith*, 37, who has actually been married because that 10 years. "Rich* is a generous lover. The takes his time and also makes certain I’m enjoy it myself. When we acquire started, I often tend to forget the I ever before wanted a quickie."

Secret #5: take risks.


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"Some the our most mind-blowing sessions were essentially out in the open up where we can have to be caught," states Chet, 49, who has been v his wife for 16 years. "Once us were top top vacation, taking benefit of two-for-one piña coladas while us watched the sunset. Following thing i knew, my mam was straddling me, bathing suit driven aside, and we were looking the end for civilization walking by!"

Secret #6: share the responsibility."We take turns initiating sex," says Alisa, "because we"ve uncovered that in most relationships only one human initiates and also that have the right to lead come a strength struggle and also feelings the rejection. We had actually to occupational out which job were better for us. Tony initiates Sunday v Tuesday and also I"m on contact Wednesday v Friday. Saturday is either a day of remainder or a bonus day!"

Secret #7: acquire inspired.


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"I don"t look at porn online," says Erika*, 32, who has actually been v her husband because that 14 years, "but I will certainly Google things like "how come be much more intimate with your husband." " add to Sharon*, 37, who has been married for 11 years, "I felt a many friskier ~ my publication club read Fifty Shades that Grey. A large part of the key character Christian Grey"s an approach is keeping the girl waiting. Occasionally it would certainly be all foreplay and then the wouldn"t even have sex with her. I applied that ide to mine sex life and also have loved the much longer build-up. The waiting makes the really sex more satisfying."

Secret #8: stand up to autopilot."Quantity has nothing to execute with quality," says Patricia, 50, who has been married because that 14 years. "My husband and I continue to find brand-new levels the intensity. For us, it"s about treating sex together an opportunity to find something new. The an essential to having actually a fulfilling permanent sex life is to change your focus away native excitement, and also focus rather on the richness and texture in every experience. There"s constantly the potential to it is in surprised."

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Secret #9: difficulty yourselves."For the first 11 years of marriage, points were simply okay," says Alisa. "We were much more like roommates raising kids together than lovers. Then, ~ hearing around other couples doing similar things, we embarked on a Sixty days of Sex challenge. The an outcome of placing each other first continues to affect our sex life today. Currently we have actually sex at least twice a week, and also we talk around sex more—what we like, what feel good. Us flirt through each various other more."

Secret #10: know each other"s likes."We understand what the other likes and provide it," claims Chet. "There are particular things that make every of united state ecstatic, yet we don"t do them every time we make love. That"s what renders them special." to add Patricia: "It"s an excellent to have a "bag that tricks" that you recognize will work many of the time, but past that, familiarity with your partner"s sexuality gives you a design template to work-related from. It"s like learning to write a sonnet: when you have actually the formula, you can produce something beautiful."

Secret #11: Compliment every other."I remember acquiring 40 pounds through my an initial pregnancy and also feeling for this reason unattractive," states Sharon, "but mine sweet husband still want to have actually sex v me, and always made a point of telling me how sexy and beautiful ns was."

Secret #12: work-related through it."There to be a time when I felt prefer sex to be a one-way street, however it turns out our troubles stemmed from issues outside the bedroom," states Erika. "My husband was worried about finances and other points that take it his mind off sex completely. The bothered me and also made me feel prefer I wasn"t great enough, but we tackled those worries head on. Now we"re previous that, and also our sex life is an excellent again."

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Secret #13: eliminate expectations."The an initial time we had sex, Tina put so lot pressure on it s her to you re welcome me that it didn"t occupational out," claims Chet. "Now we know each various other so well the we deserve to just have actually fun. Sex is never a chore. Sometimes we laugh so difficult we have to stop, and also that"s okay. And also some of our many intimate moments space us merely lying in bed with each other entwined."

Secret #14: Don"t go from 0 to 60.


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"My wife"s feet room an incredibly powerful erogenous zone and a foot rub through lotion is sometimes much more stimulating to her than as soon as I go down on her," describes Chet. Add to Patricia, "My husband and also I generally take a bath with each other to transition into sex." (Check out these 7 erogenous zones you"ve been neglecting means too long.)

Secret #15: adopt your age.

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"Being human body confident deserve to be complicated as friend age," says Olivia*, 45, "but i think this is when the long-term trust component comes right into play. We"ve been with each other for 11 years and also made a healthy, happy sex life a priority at an early stage in ours relationship. Us agreed the though cultivation older may mean learning new ways come have good sex—creaky joints and all—we are not ready to offer up or clear up for noþeles less." Jennifer, 41, who has been v her husband for 15 years, agrees. "We don"t stress about our bodies. In fact, us laugh about the crazy sounds they make!"

*Names have actually been changed.

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