Christians should learn how to keep confidence in God throughout hard times. This is the emphasis of this interesting post. I have described my personal experiences and that of others in this post.

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This present world is complete of countless challenges. Christians must learn exactly how to keep confidence in God during hard times. One of the significant reasons for the obstacles is to challenge your faith so that you can lose confidence and also turn away from God.

You room not designed to lose confidence in God, you are generally designed by God come walk by faith with the to satisfy your God-given destiny.

I have shared several on this blog exactly how your faith walk is one you need to guard jealously because it is favor the wait you breath in for survival. In our present world, over there is naught anyone can do to keep obstacles away; they have to come. The most vital Christian vocation for you and also me is come ensure we keep faith in God during a tough time.

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Section 1: development to the lesson of faith during trials

What go it typical to keep confidence in God throughout hard times?


Keeping confidence in God throughout hard times is all about your decision to keep your to trust in God and also His indigenous whenever you are challenged with some daunting situations. You have taken an unwavering decision to host on to God in complicated times. Girlfriend don’t desire to usage an different solution to get the much-needed systems to challenging situations.

Why does God placed us through hard times?

I am certain you desire to find response to that. Let us look at the following scriptures verses around faith in hard times:

“These points I have talked to you, the in Me friend may have peace. In the world, girlfriend will have tribulation, however be of an excellent cheer, I have actually overcome the world” (John 16:33).‘Woe come the world due to the fact that of offenses! because that offenses must come, however woe come that guy by whom the violation comes!” (Matthew 18:7)‘Who shall separate us native the love the Christ? candlestick tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?” (Romans 8:35)

If you have read those holy bible passages, I desire you to look at few of the factors why God enables us to go through tough times.

To combine us (“But the God of all grace, that hath dubbed us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after the ye have actually suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you” -1 Peter 5:10)So the we deserve to be able to aid others (“Blessed be God, even the father of our lord Jesus Christ, the dad of mercies, and the God of every comfort; that comforteth united state in all our tribulation, that we may have the ability to comfort them which room in any type of trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves room comforted of God.” – 2 Corinthians 1:3-4)To create patience in us (“And not just so, yet we glory in tribulations also: understanding that tribulation worketh patience; and also patience, experience; and experience, hope” – Romans 5:3-4To present us that He has the strength to save and deliver us (“Many are the afflictions that the righteous: however the lord delivereth him the end of them all” – Psalm 34:19)To test our loyalty (“Remember how the LORD your God led you all the way in the wilderness these fourty years, to humble and test you in stimulate to recognize what was in your heart” – Deuteronomy 8:2)

Those are few of the factors why God permits you and me to go with trials or difficult times.

This present civilization is full of many challenges. Christians must learn exactly how to keep confidence in God throughout hard times. Learn a process of achieve this.Click to Tweet
This present civilization is full of countless challenges. Christians need to learn just how to keep belief in God during hard times. Discover the procedure hereClick to Tweet

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Section 2: valuable Illustration

I think I have been maybe to give you a great introduction to this great on exactly how to keep belief in God throughout hard times. The arrival should have prepared you for the practical demonstration of just how to achieve these an excellent tasks.

Just shall live by his faith


I got an extremely much interested in the subject of faith due to the fact that of the explain I found in Hebrews 11:6, “But without faith, the is difficult to you re welcome Him, for he who concerns God must think that the is, and also that the is a rewarder the those that diligently.” that statement is clear sufficient for everyone or any Christian who wants to gain the ideal of Christianity.

A closer statement with practically the same an interpretation is the one I additionally found in Hebrews 10:38, “Now the simply shall live through faith; but if anyone draws back, mine soul has actually no pleasure in him”.

Now let us take a look in ~ these two statements closely and also you will surely acquire a hints on the reason why I have actually published this blog post and some other books I have actually written on the object of faith. After ~ this illustration, friend will fully agree v me that we need much more revelational publications on this interesting and also important topic.

Now relax and let me just take you with this illustration and also explanation.

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Pleasers that God are faith walkers

The very first passage:

But without belief it is impossible to you re welcome Him, because that he who concerns God must believe that the is, and also that he is a rewarder of those that diligently. Hebrews 11:6″

We are required to it is in pleasers of God if we want to suffer His mighty hand of strength which is plainly at occupational on this earth. You can’t you re welcome God if you are not working or walking by faith!

I think you can put the bits and also pieces that what I just wrote above together. You will agree with me the the miracles girlfriend desire throughout hard times or top top that issue whether, in her health, business, over your kids will no manifest if you don’t find out the procedure or the workings of faith.

Now I simply opened increase something there and I am certain you walk not an alert that. This short article is intended to display you a faith process or the method the Christian confidence works which when it is mastered, friend will have the ability to walk by faith and also get the needed miracles from God or get answers to your prayers throughout hard times.

So you re welcome take that from me and also put the in one edge of her heart and mind.

Now let me to speak something about the second bible passage above: “Now the simply shall live through faith; however if anyone color etc back, my soul has actually no pleasure in him”. Hebrews 10:38

The just or the righteous, that is, christians don’t have any kind of other means to live their lives except through faith. You don’t live by doubt or issue or stress and anxiety or fear or doubt, friend live by faith. The waiting you breathe in is the of faith. Anything different from this is native the devil and also will for sure limit exactly how you affix with God to obtain miracles or services to your difficulty with the power of God.

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Is over there a faith Process?

I think this is probably the concern in your mind. Yes, over there is and also I am, by the assist of the divine Spirit, showing you one of these processes in this book. Don’t problem all I will write right here are biblical – castle are motivated by the spirit of God.

You are expected come learn and also understand this faith procedure so that you can always have the toughness to move and overcome your troubles during hard times. Once you recognize the belief process, you will be qualified to run the confidence races effectively.

Let me take you top top the train to the next train avoid on this journey of the Christian faith process. Ns strongly think you and also I will arrive at our destination safely.

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A man Who Ran a Successful belief Race


Welcome come this train stopover on this journey. Ns am sure you review that location right. Room you passionate to understand the person who ran the successful faith race?

I know you want to know. So inspect it out listed below in this exorbitant account God’s Spirit assisted the writer of the book of Hebrew to put on file in the Bible.

Keep her eyes top top Jesus, that both began and finished this gyeongju we’re in. Study just how he did it. Because he never shed sight of where he to be headed – the exhilarating complete in and with God – he could put up with anything along the way: cross, shame, whatever. And now he’s there, in the location of honor, right alongside God. Hebrews 12:2.”

I picked that from The post translation. The advice is basic and direct and also I to be paraphrasing this way: “Check out, look out for, fixed your eye on, find out every Jesus walk to success the confidence race”

Simple yet tough

Though the advice and also statement room simple, straightforward forward and really clear enough yet it is usually complicated for believer to understand and stick come them. Over there are countless reasons for this: the devil and also his activities, the flesh, the world, and also its influence, and so on.

But we can have cheap win over all these obstacles due to the fact that Jesus has done the same and also if we have actually the forced knowledge and also understanding of what he did. The next train prevent on this journey will continue from wherein I stopped here. Let us go to the next train stopover.

You must Be qualified to run the confidence Race


Have you been to the stadion to clock an athletics event? Okay even if you have actually not to be to a stadium, friend should have watched one athletics occasion on the television or also while you space in high institution or college.

Okay if you have actually seen one athletics accomplish or race, ns am certain you know that those athletes you check out on the 8-lane track are registered and qualified to it is in there. Yes, they are and also that is the reason why you can not jump out of the fans was standing to test her speed capacity on the track. If you carry out so, you will be caught and probably handed end to a law enforcement agent.

Those men on the track were registered and also lane numbers assigned to them. Climate they deserve to confidently step on the track to compete.

You must be certified to operation the belief race

The situation I to be trying to develop here is that you can’t run the confidence race successfully if you are not certified standard to do so by God. Those who try to do anything contrary to this have always failed to acquire results or have been bad wounded in the process.

Jesus ran the gyeongju as a standard ‘Athlete’. He to be deeply connected to God, the Father and He kept that connection all through. I am no surprised he ran the confidence race successfully.

Now, this is important for you. Jesus walk not just run the race preserving a connection to the Father; He likewise finished the project so that you and also I can likewise run the gyeongju successfully. He gave His life ~ above the cross at mounties shedding His blood to to wash our sins. Sin was the obstacle that was preventing the world from to run the belief race effectively.

If you want to be qualified to run this race effectively following the process you must offer your life to Jesus Christ. What perform I median by this? You have to decide to forsake your sinful ways and also accept Jesus together your Lord and Savior.

Salvation very first before you deserve to run the confidence race

If you want to do that now, ns would prefer you to say this straightforward prayer listed below with all her heart.

(Hey…don’t issue this practice will not price you anything and there is no dead in it. Numerous people, including myself, have actually done this at one allude and lock have great stories come tell. Are you ready now? Let us go…)

God, i am a sinner, forgive me mine sins. Usage the blood the Jesus Christ to watch me clean from my sins. I understand Jesus Christ is the son of God and also I understand He died for my sins shedding His blood for my sins. I accept Him together my Lord and also Saviour today. Give thanks to you for answering my prayers, ns know and also believe that i am conserved now. “

I am sure you were surprised that took just some minutes. Yes, that is the beauty, beauty of Christianity and also the good work Jesus go on the cross at Calvary to make us qualified “athlete “ who have the right to run the faith race successfully.

You don’t need all the laborious paper works and the tough trials athletes and also sports associations go with to obtain their athletes default to operation a gyeongju on the tracks in a competition. Friend only require to believe in your heart and confess v your mouth the Lordship that Jesus Christ and the sacrifice the did top top the Cross.

Congratulations. You are born again. You space qualified to run the faith race successfully. This is the start of better things to come and also how girlfriend can begin to benefit immensely indigenous the wade by belief with God come stand solid during difficult times and to solve your problems.

Let us go come the following train stopover top top the lesson on just how to keep in belief in God during hard times.

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It is a solved Result

Welcome come this train stop. I am happy that with the activity you took in the critical stopover, you are currently qualified to run this interesting and also highly rewarding race the faith. Currently I would favor to happen this other an important information throughout to you at this stage. Allow me highlight it again through the information below:

In one athletics meet like a sprint race, for example, the eight contestants on the track do not have a foreknowledge of what the an outcome of the race will certainly be. All of them step out hoping to chest the tape an initial or be amongst the athletes that will end the race within the medals range.

Now, the is because that the acceleration race; here, the an outcome of the gyeongju is not predetermined. However, this is no so for the faith race that i am explicate in this post or the one i m sorry the scriptures describes.

Faith outcomes are fixed and also settled

With the confidence race, the result is fixed and also it is settled. The settled an outcome has to be arranged to donate you, the Christian. I must tell you that this is what provides the belief race a delight to run. If ns am walking to operation a race and also I know that I will certainly only have actually a victory result at the end of the gyeongju then i will always be ready and excited to run the race.

I believe you desire to recognize why this gyeongju is just the way I have defined it. I think you space wondering that i am just one that those preachers or Christian writer who simply want to compose something to flatter or to just acquire their reader excited.

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Okay, if you are thinking follow me that direction let me just display you why ns strongly believe that the faith race is a solved and settled race.