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Kicking Studio / Shutterstock.comApple’s Photos app has a integrated “Hide” function, yet it doesn’t prevent people who have accessibility to her phone indigenous snooping around. If you desire to make sure your exclusive photos and also videos really stay private, we have actually some much better tips.

How to Hide Photos and also Videos in the image App

When friend snap a picture on your iPhone or iPad, it ends up in your picture library alongside your other photos. If you regularly whip the end your phone call to present off pics of your cute cat, there might be image or videos you don’t desire others to watch while friend browse.


To prevent photos and videos from showing up in your typical library, you can use the “Hide” option in the iOS picture app. This hides the photo or video clip from the key library watch under the “Photos” tab. That won’t show up while girlfriend browse, and you won’t get “For You” recommendations based upon it, either.

Follow these procedures to hide a photograph or video:

Find the picture or video you want to hide.Tap “Share” in the bottom-left corner.Scroll down and tap “Hide.”

The photo is now covert from view. Whatever you hide shows up in one album referred to as “Hidden” under the “Albums” tab in the image app. Scroll to the bottom the the list, and also you’ll watch it under “Other Albums.”


The trouble with Hiding points in the photos App

When you usage the an approach described over to hide a photograph or video, it provides very little protection. Friend can’t “lock” the concealed album, or also hide a photo behind a challenge or Touch ID, or passcode.


The biggest worry is all of your surprise media is easily accessible in a single location. Anyone that has access to your unlocked phone deserve to open your covert folder with a couple of taps.

All the “Hide” duty really go is tidy increase your key library. It enables you to hold on to some photos there is no deleting them entirely. Although plenty of iPhone and iPad owners take on this trick, you might want to stop it if friend actually want to hide your private media.

If who else might have accessibility to your unlocked phone, and also you’re concerned about privacy, don’t use the “Hide” feature. It’s right if you want to tidy up your library, however you don’t want to make it an easy-to-find repository of your many embarrassing media.

Apple might improve this if the “Hidden” album to be locked behind a passcode or password, in addition to the option of requiring challenge or Touch id to accessibility it.

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We hope something comparable will be introduced in iOS 14, or a future variation of Apple’s operating system.