Between foreplay and also sex, a woman can get off 10+ times in a solitary session, and those orgasms deserve to last 10-20+ seconds.

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Guys? We get one 5 second sticky white crotch-sneeze, adhered to by an extreme desire to nap.


But then, a couple of months ago, I established something that go out myloadmind…

Not only deserve to guys havemultiple orgasms in a solitary session, they can do itwithout ejaculating, withno recovery period, and they can haveprolonged orgasms the last because that over a minute.


‍Just much less jizz

It no take long to figure out either. It just took me a month from learning this was possible to actuallydoing it, and also I didn’t have this short article to overview me prefer you do.

When ns coached a girlfriend on it, he had his an initial “non-ejaculatory orgasm” injust two weeks.

So if you’re prepared to radically change how you think around guy’s sexual pleasure and also orgasm… review on.

Also, be certain to downloadthe app Stamenawhich will help you train yourself to end up being multi-orgasmic along with this article.

Discovering many Orgasms

I had never even thought about the idea till it was discussed off-hand in apodcast episodebetweenDave AspreyandEmily Morse.

The conversation went about like this:

Dave: In this old Taoist book… it said to limit her orgasm to no much longer than30 minutes.Emily: A 30 minute orgasm? … walk you try it and also make something choose that happen?Dave: The one time i tried, it was much more than 8.5 minutes. Her abs pains a lot, and also you’re like, “Could I simply stop, please?” Literally, I’ve had actually enough. You re welcome go away now, which come me to be a brand-new experience. There’s all these things that her body have the right to do roughly that stuff that are not taught all over that I recognize of.

And then…they just went on come something else! ns was standing over there in my kitchen walk “what the fuck? one 8 minute long orgasm? you have the right to do the (directed downwards)?”

Then i forgot about it because that a bit… till Tim Ferriss walk apodcast where he drunk dialed few of his fansand it come up again:

Guest: phone call me around Tantric sex. Just how to do it, just how to explore it, wherein to start…

And when Tim said he didn’t prefer “tantric” or multi-orgasmic sex really much, that mentionedThe Multi-Orgasmic Manand “Orgasmic Meditation,” both closely related come what’s dubbed “Tantric sex,” something that Dave had actually mentioned together well.

Finally, I had actually somewhere to begin my search. However less 보다 24 hours later… ns was pissed off and also dissatisfied.

Why? due to the fact that if she a remotely secular person, thengood luckgetting through the open-your-heart-chakra mysticism pour it until it is full the pages of anything about Tantric sex.

There had actually to be a secular method to number this out. EnterThe Multi-Orgasmic Man. Enter trouble #2.

The Multi-Orgasmic Manis the oft-cited source on this subject,but it do not do it be. The poorly written and also at least 2/3 of the book is spent talking about itself rather of offering you miscellaneous actionable come do.

But, v that study combined, ns did at some point figure out exactly how you deserve to have non-ejaculatory orgasms without any eastern mysticism.

Then through a little of experimentation, I figured out how friend can extend them significantly.

Here’s how.

Four types of masculine Multiple Orgasms

The brief “crotch-sneeze” orgasm I pointed out at the start is what 99% of men go v their resides experiencing. We’re walking to refer to it together anEjaculatory Orgasm (EO).

You can expand it a couple of seconds and increase the soot of that (both throughkegel exercises), however it remains minimal in duration and you can only have one.

What most men don’t understand is thatthere room three much more types the orgasms, i m sorry most guys never experience:

Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm (NEOs)Prolonged or Peaking Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm (PNEOs)Prostate Orgasm (POs)

What’s special around the other three?

More intense. As soon as you’ve practiced, all three room a an ext intense sensation than an EO.No refractory period. You deserve to orgasm again and again without having actually to cool down.They’re looong. A PNEO deserve to last 1, 5, also 10 minutes. Ever before been physically worn down from orgasming? No? Well acquire ready.

I’m going to cover just how you canhave your first NEO and also PNEO, but just on your own.

Having either throughout sex and foreplay is 10x harder, however once you have the right to do it on your own,here’s how to have multiple orgasms during sex.

Step One: Ejaculatory Control

Before you deserve to have NEOs and also PNEOs, you require to get yourself to a specific level of ejaculatory control.

You need to be comfortable masturbating for 10+ minute with consistent stimulation (not having to stop and start a ton that times).

Without that kind of control, girlfriend won’t be able to slowly lug yourself approximately the point of having an NEO, and you absolutely won’t be able to keep yourself right at the threshold.

If you can’t conveniently do that, start with the write-up onhow to last much longer in bed.

Step Two:Kegel Exercises

Having an NEO or PNEO functions by acquiring to the point of orgasm, and also then flexing yourPC musclehard sufficient to block the ejaculate from actually escaping.

But most men have a weak computer muscle, even if castle can usually last a long time in bed, therefore you’ll need to train yours till you have actually a vice-like fixed behind your penis.

You execute this throughkegel exercises(if you’re not familiar with them, go check out that article).

The computer muscle (ejaculation muscle because that our purposes) is situated right behind your balls and before your anus. Did you do it felt it when you’re trying to stop yourself indigenous peeing, or when you begin peeing and then try to do yourself stop.

It’s additionally the muscle that you usage to avoid yourself native ejaculating, and also that flexes and spasms when you’re orgasming.

So in stimulate to protect against yourself indigenous ejaculating,you require to develop a solid PC muscle.

The easiest method to execute that maintain is to usage an app calledStamena(orKegel Traineron Android), which will walk you v doing significantly more an overwhelming kegel exercises and also strengthening the pc muscle.

Start through practicing her kegels 2-3 time a dayuntil you can hold for 20+ seconds. That’s once you’re in ~ the allude that you can squeeze hard sufficient to pull yourself ago from the edge.

Once she there, keep doing kegels for maintenance, yet you can move on come the following step…

Step Three: daily Practice

While you’re finding out to have NEOs and also PNEOs, collection aside 20+ minutes every night come masturbate and also work ~ above it. I uncovered that if ns went an ext than a pair days without experimenting, I’d be collection back considerably.

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Once you’ve practiced enough you deserve to go because that a few days there is no it, but until you have actually it mastered, collection that time beside every night.

During the practice, work-related yourself as much as a optimal (somewhere roughly a 9-9.5 the end of 10 for how close you space to orgasming) and then lug yourself back down to a 5-7. This is referred to as “edging.”