Can you honestly watch your companion in the eyes and also say you’ve never ever thought about having sex in a windy place? You, favor the rest of the world, probably have actually an exhibitionist streak somewhere play inside—or curiosity at the least.

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“I choose to think there is a small voyeur in all of us,” states Gigi Engle, certified sex coach, sexologist, and author that All The F*cking Mistakes: A guide to Sex, Love and Life. “The idea of someone watching you have actually sex is nice hot. It’s prefer staring in your own porn movie.”

Having sex in a public place feels forbidden (it is illegal, mental you) and the possibility of getting recorded with her hands dirty (literally, probably) gets adrenaline pumping. Plus, if you’re in a permanent relationship, going at it in the wild have the right to spice things up, particularly if girlfriend feel your sex life has actually plateaued lately, Engle says. You’ll gain creative—just think about all the scheming and also on-the-fly thinking—and lug those vibes ago behind closeup of the door doors.

“It likewise requires a level of trust the you’re in the together,” Amy Levine, sex coach and founder that Ignite her Pleasure says. “It gives you the possibility to explore something that can take you come a new erotic edge.”

With public romps, it’s vital to think about consent, Engle notes. That course, that includes you and also your partner, but also those who can be around—obviously, strangers haven’t signed up to watch friend bone. Being sexually open and also adventurous is awesome, but you additionally need to be a decent and also respectful person, for this reason you need to uncover the right blurry line in between public and also **still** private.

There’s likewise the really real chance of gaining arrested or fined if you’re caught. The assumed of gaining busted is the sexy part...but you don’t need to take the literally to acquire off.But back to the funny stuff. Here are few of the best and most, uh, rewarding areas to have actually sex in public—without getting caught.


Who doesn"t love acquiring down with nature? discover a clues to resolve down for her romp in an empty, low-traffic park or lightly wooded area. “You want sufficient camouflage to be shielded, with sufficient ‘publicness’ to do it sexy,” Engle says.

She likewise warns versus going also deep right into a wooded area—getting ruined by bugs and also ticks (or toxicity ivy) isn’t hot. If you’d quite be ~ above the ground, lug a blanket to avoid mud and grass stains. “This will give you a makeshift sex area and also something to usage for rapid coverups,” Engle says. You know, just in case.

Make that Hotter: Put some thought into what you’re wearing, together you both desire to don other with simple access. Think long dresses or stretchy shorts that you can conveniently pull down or up in instance of emergency (read: passerbys). Understanding you"re equipped for a quickie (or many ones) is a turn-on in itself...


This is an ext practical for city folk with accessibility to a level roof, therefore take ideal precautions. Yet an open rooftop is prefer your balcony, only much more risqué, due to the fact that anyone (and everyone) deserve to see.

Engle has actually one vital reminder: If you’re in the great outdoors and going to up there for fairly some time, don’t forget to put on part sunscreen. (Seriously...that"s no the type of red hot you want.)

Make it Hotter: Bring a cushion, a special yoga mat or towel, or other soft to add comfort (rooftops are...hard). You can additionally snuggle it under her hips to create a bit of leverage for deeper penetration. (Or shop one of these made-for-it sex pillows.)

While it could be lightyears out of her comfort zone, a sex party has a significant benefit: You can avoid the distracting thought of getting caught so you can focus on performance.

At an occasion like this, you don’t have to problem who could be watching, since everyone is there for the very same reason—no snitching is part of the rules. Therefore you deserve to let her exhibitionist flag paris high.

Make it Hotter: The native "boundaries" and "consent" don"t scream sexy, yet talking about what girlfriend both desire out of her experience before you arrive will certainly ensure you have a wicked an excellent time. After all, friend won"t recognize what"s ~ above the table until you have actually a shared convo about it...

I"m no talking about getting frisky under the showers at the beach—where, yes, friend will acquire arrested. Some fancy hotels and also Airbnb"s have them, so incorporate that in your filter find (wink).

Thanks to the electrical mix of streaming water, the new air, and also the opportunity of a viewer or two, “it’s sexy, especially on a warm summer night,” claims Levine.

Make the Hotter: Your best method of activity is to challenge a wall surface and bend over, and also find miscellaneous you can prop a foot on for a depths sensation. Shot these steamy tips and also positions just for shower head sex, too.

Another young fantasy concerned life, but with a few caveats: Visit a quiet part of the beach at night to stop people, and also stay on land to avoid saltwater from dry you up under there.

Lay blankets down carefully so you don’t come away through sand and nasties in every crevice of your body. And try positions where you have the right to avoid a the majority of sand tossing around, like riding your partner on a beach chair or spooning each other on the blanket.

Make the Hotter: Bring a party of wine and a pillow to stargaze afterward. Currently you simply went from public-sex-hot to romance-novel-intimate. Swoon!

Ah, the sound of nature: crickets chirping, the crackle of a bonfire, and also stifled moans.

Set up a tent in a diverted area that the campsite (or ha, her backyard), and also clear out branches or rocks that deserve to cramp the moment. You’ll have actually the covering of a tent, but the photo of your shadows projecting through provides a thrill.

Make that Hotter: Remember to stash lube in her knapsack (wetter is better), and unzip component of the time slightly for an ext air flow. And don"t forget to pack a mattress pad so you don"t need to do that in your resting bag (those gain grossly sweaty quick).

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If you’re in ~ a hotel, airport (slash ~ above the plane), or restaurant and can’t wait till you obtain home to have actually at it, search out a single public bathroom. “You deserve to slip in and out there is no being viewed together,” Levine says. When you have actually some privacy behind a locked door, “it has the facet of act something very erotic,” she says. Plus, you never recognize who’s exterior the door.

However...public bathrooms room gross, so you’ll need to whip out part gymnastics. Don"t sit on something (LOL), save your shoes and also as much clothes on as possible (just press your underwear to the side), and shot to hold on to each other instead of onto really manhandled walls and door handles.

Make the Hotter: Public restrooms work best for quickies (because, together mentioned, they"re gross—and world still need to pee, lady!). So to make points as speedy and also sexy together possible, Levine recommends engaging in some foreplay beforehand, through some seductive taunting and also teasing. If you"re sit at the dinner table, shot grazing your foot versus your partner"s leg, or secretively kissing her them while you wake up to provide them "a hug." Then go Get. It. On.