You finally gathered the courage come go gain your sleep, however now you have a weird bump whereby your piercing is. Needless come say, girlfriend feel favor you did once your first pimple do its method out just in time for prom pictures.

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Don’t panic! The team at has you covered. This overview will explore what the bump is, the ways to remove it and will aid you recognize why some nose piercings develop bumps in the very first place.


Time Heals all Wounds, also Nose Piercings!

Nose piercings deserve to take increase to 6 months to heal. Us know, that a long time. Yet well precious the wait. And you’ll it is in left with a piercing you deserve to enjoy because that years!

However, throughout this time girlfriend may have actually to confront a couple of issues.

You may encounter:

SwellingPusCrustinessBleedingA huge bump


Nose Piercing bumps Usually fall Under one of Three Categories

1) Pustules

Similar to a pimple or a blister, pustules are red. These are full of pus and also may or may not it is in painful. Symptom of a pustule may include:

ItchingPainBurning sensationIrritations


If her pustule is resulting in you pain, go watch a medical professional or her piercer for treatment options.

Pustules have the right to have multiple causes, including:

Tugging or pulling at your piercingInfectionsTrauma – such together from playing a contact sport and also accidentally hitting your piercing or capturing it on something


If you watch a red bump at her piercing site, you may want to gain it checked out before it gets worse.


2) Granulomas

A granuloma sleep piercing bump will not happen until numerous weeks or month after her piercing, i m sorry is one method to tell it apart from other piercing bumps. These may take place in the piercing hole or right alongside it.

Granulomas are a solution to trauma. Lock are resulted in by your tissue overgrowing in an attempt to to fill in the brand-new hole in your nose.


This is an automatic inflammatory response. You do not necessarily have an infection v a granuloma, but one deserve to occur since of the granuloma.

There are a few basic measures you deserve to take to assist your granuloma heal without it coming to be infected.

Try no to choose at it, or it have the right to bleed and Crustiness over.Visit a dermatologist for treatment options.


3) Keloids

The last possibility that a sleep piercing bump can be is a keloid. A keloid is usually an aggressive scar that develops over the piercing site. Some civilization get them, while others perform not.

While there is no way to avoid keloids if you are predisposed to them, you deserve to use this as a consideration prior to you get one more piercing. If you form a keloid on her nose, friend are likely to kind them with various other piercings. Her piercing artist deserve to tell girlfriend if your sleep bump is a keloid.

If her body responds come trauma by developing keloids, you deserve to have them removed at a medical professional or a dermatologist. Despite it will cost you a little extra, it will allow you to proceed to enjoy your piercing.

The Many causes of nose Piercing Bumps

Nose piercing bumps can be caused by plenty of different reasons. Just as the bang itself deserve to be a different type, the reasons deserve to vary, as well.

Piercing approaches Used

One area whereby you gain what friend pay because that is in piercings. Going come a cheaper shop operation the danger of a much less experienced piercer who may try to usage ear piercing weapons on piercing locations that are better with needles, because that instance.


Make certain that you space going to a trustworthy parlour and also that your piercing artist is knowledgeable in the type of piercing friend want. Otherwise, girlfriend may end up with an unsightly bump…or worse.

Incorrect Aftercare

Not just is it vital to follow her piercing aftercare instructions to the letter, but it is likewise important to usage the right type of aftercare products. Make certain you recognize the referrals your piercing artist makes, and do no be fear to give them a speak to with any kind of questions.

This is one more area that reflects the prominence of utilizing an competent piercer. Someone that is not as knowledgeable might accidentally provide you bad advice in this area.

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Touching her Piercing with Dirty Hands

Always wash your hands prior to you touch your face, even if you carry out not remember acquiring dirty native the critical time friend washed your hands. Acquisition this extra action will help you store your piercing area from obtaining infected.

Allergic Reactions and Trauma

Sometimes, mishaps happen. Various other times, our bodies react to the jewel or to the piercing itself. In situations of allergy reactions, switching your jewelry come titanium may be necessary. Be certain to avoid cases that may cause trauma to your sleep piercing until it is totally healed.

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How to remove Your nose Piercing Bump

If you have actually an infection, go see your doctor. Otherwise, you have the right to attempt come treat the at residence using:

Chamomile tea pressesDiluted tea tree oilSaline and/or sea salt solutions


Whatever friend do, do not take the end the jewel yourself! Clean properly approximately it, instead, or the piercing will close up. While pustules have the right to be cure at home, a keloid or a granuloma frequently require clinical intervention.

Do Not disregard the Bump

We have actually taught you how to identify bumps, what they can be, and when to seek treatment. If your sleep piercing bang refuses to walk away, please go watch your physician to get rid of the opportunity of infection.

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Have Questions? need Help?

The team in ~ is ready and waiting to aid you with everything piercings, from nose bumps and proper aftercare, come finding the perfect piercing jewelry, and getting your following piercing. Reach the end to us now or avoid by among our conveniently located shops to gain a piercing you will do it love because that years to come.