There are several species of fondue fuel most commonly used in fondue making. Read about the fuel alternatives and uses. Has paste fuel, gel fuel, candle lights, alcohol, butane and sterno. Exactly how to select the right kind of fuel for the fondue you room making.

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Fondue Fuel types - discover The right Fuel For her Fonde

The form of fondue you space making dictates the form of pot and fuel you must be using. Constantly refer come the manufacturer"s instructions that came through the pot because that the proper fuel for your fondue unit.

Butane Fondue Burner Unit

butane fondue burner unit

This is a brand-new style fondue fuel unit. The is a one piece architecture that shop butane in the tank. It provides the many adjustabilityof any kind of fondue fuel unit. The butane is odorless and safe to use. This burner functions so fine I"ve taken the on camping trips and also used it because that an immediate camping stove.

Butane is an extremely versatile yet is finest used for warm oil fondue such together beef fondue,broth or cheese fondue. They commonly burn too warm to use v the more delicate chocolate fondue.

Cheese Fondue- only use the burner fondue burner top top high if are making her fondue from scratch or room heating miscellaneous likeSwiss knight Cheese fondue the end of a pouch. Once the fondue is as warm as you desire it, revolve the burner down or you"ll scorch the fondue.

Beef Oil Or Seafood Broth Fondue - start the broth or oil or oil/butter mixture over medium-high heat. The oil demands to continue to be hot yet don"t enable it to smoke so change the burner accordingly. Readjust the burner for broth fondue to keep a simmer.


butane canister refill

Butane fuel: refill canisters are available at most hardware stores and come with a range of "tips" to fit a range of family members butane tools like lighters and also cooking torches.

Uses: any type of fondue, cheese, oil or broth. It is the best selection for oil and also broth. warmth Duration: High, 1 hour, tool 3 hours, low, 9 hours. This can vary depending upon the dimension of your butane unit. various other Features: butane is safe and odor-free and and offers excellent regulate over the lot of heat produced.

Alcohol Fuel

Alcohol is as versatile as butane when offered with an adjustable burner unit. A little flame is an excellent for chocolate, medium flame because that cheese fondue and maximum for oil or broth. The adjustable burner unit permits you to manage the fire by opening or close up door the peak of the unit. You deserve to close the top totally to rotate off the burner.

alcohol fondue burner unit
There space two varieties of alcohol units. The one show above is a tiny tin filled v glass wool. Alcohol is poured over the wool then ignited v a match. The other style actually has actually a tiny receptacle through a wick. The receptacle is filled with alcohol and the wick is ignited. The fire on both style burners is managed by the amount of air the is allowed to circulation through the adjustable lid. Alcohol fuel- Use just Denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Uses: any fondue, cheese, chocolate, oil or broth. It is as good as butane for for oil and broth fondue but is more cumbersome to transaction with. heat Duration: 3 ounces top top High will certainly burn roughly 90 minutes. various other Features: normally safe and also easily obtained at many hardware stores or grocery stores.

never add much more fuel to the believe while the fuel is burning. Never ever add an ext than 3 ounces in ~ a time OR overfill the container. Overfilling can cause dangerous flare ups. Never relocate a fondue unit when the heat resource is burning.

Gel Fondue Fuel

Gel fuel includes Sterno in tins or tiny units or bottled. Again when supplied with an adjustable burner unit it functions for many fondue types but does no as preferable as alcohol or butane for oil or broth fondue.

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gelatin fuel fondue burner unit photo: This is a an extremely common layout fondue Burner
. It has actually three pieces. The piece displayed on the left is the "extinguisher". This must be inserted on height of the burner when you want to extinguish the flame. The burner unit has a bottom the holds the gelatin fuel and a equipment cover with flexible vent holes to dampen the fire up or down. Uses
: best for cheese or coco fondue. Not the best choice for hot oil and also broth fondue. warm Duration: 3 ounces top top High will burn roughly 90 minutes. Other Features: typically safe and also easily obtained at most hardware stores or grocery stores. **Never add to the fuel believe while the fuel is burning.