Take a shower head anytime that the year, morning, day, night or night, direct sunlight or not. Enjoy immediate and consistent hot water for her shower as quickly as the shower head is turned on. Efficiently using clean burning propane and tankless hot water modern technology wrapped increase in a portable unit will deliver approximately 6 hrs of consistent hot water or 40-50, 8-minute hot water showers every 20lb propane tank.

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As an option, you can now reap luxurious hot water outdoor showers there is no expensive plumbing. SunRinse has actually matched increase an instant, tank-less and also portable hot water heater the feeds her outdoor shower with continuous hot water there is no the important plumbing required to pipe warm water native the inside of your house. The EccoTemp tank-less water heater was chosen for it’s capacity to supply a continuous flow of warm water, it’s portability and low cost. It just requires using a traditional propane BBQ tank and (2) D-Cell flashlight batteries. SunRinse offers the manifold kit because that the portable hot water heater totally free with any kind of Hot Water dashboard kits. The manifold eliminates 2 water lines because that the hot and cold come the heater. Just one water source is needed, such together a garden hose.

Installation is as easy as connecting to a water water tap to the EccoTemp water heater and completing the environment with basic to usage PEX tubing. PEX tubing is very easy to cut with a utility knife, the connectors and also tubing are secured through standard hose clamps, and also PEX fittings are fully compatible v NPT threaded pipes fittings. Paint the PEX the shade of the residence siding to develop a cleaner, expert look. Or, you plenty of bury the PEX and also feed out showers from the bottom.

Using the portable heater in conjunction v SunRinse panel kits permits almost countless placement locations. No electrical, direct sunlight, no tough gas fuel piping needed. Place anywhere withing as far as you have the right to reach with a garden hose or PEX tubing. Swimming pool sides, watercraft docks, beach sides, in the shade of landscape, the trail native the lake, virtually anywhere you have the right to imagine a beautiful hot water outdoor shower have the right to be placed.

Hide the portable hot water heater about a corner, behind the shrubs, exterior of the outdoor shower enclosure. SunRinse proposal the warm water heater inserted within 20 ft of the the end shower because that an instantaneous hot shower as shortly as the shower is turn on. The (2) flashlight battery ignite the water heater instantly through pressure readjust of turning the water on at the shower. The BBQ propane tank will certainly last approximately 50 warm showers at 5 minutes apiece.

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About the EccoTemp L-10 Water HeaterThe Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater is just one of the sexty tankless water heaters on the market! The Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater gives you unlimited hot water at her outdoor shower, cabin, summer cottage, lake home, potting shed, RV, camper, steed washing stall or wherever else you need hot water. The Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater delivers as much as 2.6 Gallons every Minute of hot water varying from 80-145 levels F. The 2 “D” cell battery ignition beginning the fire only when water is running, for this reason there’s no possibility of overheating. The L10 comes through standard 1/2″ NPT fittings, making it conveniently plumbed in v standard fixtures. The ideal operating range is 20-80 PSI.

Stainless steel rain cap1/2″ NPT come garden hose adapterBattery ignited, method no electrical energy neededAutomatic shut turn off for safetyLPG Regulator and also LPG hoseMounting Hardware because that heater

Include with the SunRinse warm Water Bundle Kits

Adapters for the SunRinse ShowerHot Water Manifold because that Hot and also Cold water diversion

Mounting Hardware for SunRinse dashboard Kit

What you have to complete

PEX pipe – discovered at hardware or home centersOptional garden hose1/2 inch hose clamps – uncovered at hardware or home centersBasic hand tools--utlility knife-screwdriver-drill and bit for anchoring securing the SunRinse Panel-BBQ Propane tank 20lbs – uncovered at hardware or home centers