"I am no dead. Please help me get help, ASAP," a new social media post, which aims to help injured turtle on the road, says.

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Lisa Finn, lasignoralaura.com Staff

(Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons.)

JAMESPORT, NY — Why go a tortoise cross the road? since he — or she — doesn"t realize it is a road, and also the results deserve to be catastrophic.

But, educators warn, just because a turtle"s shell is cracked as soon as he"s lying broken on the road, doesn"t typical he"s dead.

The turtle Rescue the the Hamptons has set out to educate the general public on exactly how to assist turtles who may have actually been fight on the road. A brand-new social media post, "I am no dead. Please assist me get help ASAP," has actually been spreading, with many reaching the end to share.

Karen Testa, executive, management director of turtle Rescue that the Hamptons, claimed the time is now to begin looking the end for the diapsids on liven roads.

"We"re acquiring to the season now," she said. Roughly May 1, turtles that have been in hibernation come out slowly and begin to sunlight themselves. Turtles, she said, room cold-blooded animals and also cannot relocate unless they are at optimal temperature; uneven humans and all mammals, they cannot self-regulate your body temperatures and also must receive warmth from an exterior source. Without heat, their blood doesn"t circulate and also they can"t digest, she said.

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Let's go!

Turtles, Testa said, are mighty and majestic — they have actually survived 220 million years and also have to be on the earth due to the fact that there to be dinosaurs.

"They"re amazing creatures," she said.

At the finish of April, mrs turtles, both water and also terrestrial, start to look because that nesting sites. "That"s why they space roaming around, in search of the right spot. Occasionally it takes hours," she said.

Turtles feel with their ago legs even if it is soil has actually drainage due to the fact that they don"t desire the babies in the nest to drown, must there it is in rain, Testa said.

But regardless of their inherent intelligence, turtles, she said, "are no smart enough to understand that roadways are there. They were here before the roads, so roads don"t compute. There were no roads 220 billion years ago."

To the end, turtles are often struck by cars on the road. Critical year, Testa said, about 180 turtles were brought to the Jamesport facility, with around 95 percent rehabilitated and set free. Part who are blind or have actually lost shells continue to be at the facility because that their very own safety, she said.

Often, Testa said, individuals might see turtles v cracked shells top top the road and also think they room dead— no true.

"They are always still alive," Testa said, adding that the goal is to gain the turtles help and recognize whether they deserve to be saved — and to relieve destructive pain and suffering.

"The covering is prefer a skull, a damaged bone that feels pain," she said. If a tortoise is left to endure on the road, it can take around four days because that it to die, in horrific agony.

"They experience in pain while paris eat them alive. Please don"t rotate your ago on them," Testa said. "Call for assist ASAP. Time is the the essence."

Testa urged anyone who finds a tortoise to call the police, animal control, a local wildlife rescue — or, to on slide the animal into a side tipped box and also bring it to the nearest 24-hour emergency vet for free.

"Be prepared. It is in careful. Call to watch who treats reptiles, as not every vet does," she said. Turtles might need to it is in euthanized, or need pain medication.

And, she added, an ext often 보다 not, the turtles can go top top to be rehabilitated and also set cost-free — just like the tortoise in the photo shown. Part heal so fully a cracked is no longer seen. "You will have actually saved that life," she said.

To discover wildlife rehabbers in the united States, click here.

If you uncover a turtle on the road, speak to the 24-hour hotline, 631-779-3737.

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To donate to the turtle Rescue that the Hamptons, visit your website or Facebook web page or send to turtle Rescue the the Hamptons, P.O. Box 5, Jamesport, NY 11947.