As commonwealth officials ask for more time to do a final decision top top the Dakota accessibility Pipeline, police and protestors proceed their standoff ~ above government-owned property near the tribal floor of the Sioux nation in standing Rock, phibìc Dakota. Activists are concerned that the pipeline, which would run underneath the tribe"s main source of water, could potentially contaminate the water.

Earlier this week, police provided tear gas, rubber bullets, and also water hoses ~ above protestors in freezing temperatures—potentially life-threatening actions that people members space calling an "act that war." Protestor Sophia Wilansky declared officers threw a grenade in ~ her, when police believe she was hurt by one explosion caused by protesters. Doctors say castle may have to amputate her eight as a an outcome of the injury she sustained at the protest. Now, protestors, that declare themselves "water protectors," are calling because that a main of action starting Nov. 25 and also culminating through a worldwide day of action on Dec. 1. Till then, below are few of the actions you deserve to take to support protestors and say "no" to DAPL:

1) Donate directly.

Contributions to Oceti Sakowin Camp go towards water, food, blankets and other essentials vital for the campers come live ~ above the land while they"re protesting. Donate here.

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2) assist pay their legal fees.

The Sioux tribe has filed a sue contesting the pipeline, yet they"re up against energy suppliers with deep pockets and an effective investors. Make a contribution to your legal defense fund via Fundrazr.

3) contact the chosen officials who are sending police.

Call the state and county officials responsible because that dispatching police come Standing absent to permit them recognize that the public will hold them accountable for their actions.

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4) Send castle something castle need.

As temperatures continue to plummet, water protectors need snow gear and camping supplies, in enhancement to items prefer body cameras and pepper spray decontamination wipes. Friend can find everything on their Amazon wish List.

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5) Boycott CitiBank and also TD Bank.

These financial institutions are amongst the most heavily invested in the pipeline, follow to the New York Times. (Sacred stone Camp freshly tweeted the Norwegian bank DNB is already considering divesting indigenous the pipeline.)

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