Austin Public health and wellness Social Services resources supports plenty of homeless services and initiatives across the city. 

Austin"s Homeless Strategy

Help address Homelessness in Austin

As part of the Homeless help System, the City that Austin coordinates with agencies, community organizations, and also individuals working to make homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring. If you’re right here to learn more about what’s happening, friend can: 

Note: the City has actually information especially for company providers meeting client needs during COVID-19. 

Together we have the right to realize the promise the a compassionate and also thriving Austin because that everyone.

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Austin Public health and wellness Homeless Social company Funding

Through our partnerships, Austin Public health (APH) provides capital to social business providers to offer homeless individuals and families with outreach and also navigation, emergency shelter services, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing, homelessness prevention, and planning through the Ending community Homelessness Coalition. There are City-wide homeless efforts that room supported by Austin public Health"s resources as explained below.

City/County shelter Facilities:

Austin source Center for the Homeless

The ARCH is a City-owned facility giving shelter and also resources in downtown Austin, controlled by prior Steps. It uses emergency shelter, basic services and also connections to housing for 130 men. Number of co-located organ offer case management, project placement services, legal assistance, veteran services, mental health and wellness services, and healthcare v the CommUnity treatment Clinic. 


Austin shelter for Women and also Children

The Austin shelter for Women and Children is a County-owned basic operated by the Salvation army through contracted capital from the City. The emergency sanctuary serves solitary adult women and women and their dependents. Services include case management, task training, and also housing location.

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Emergency shelter Providers

Outreach and also Navigation Services

Permanent Housing

The following agencies provide Rapid Rehousing, long-term Supportive housing or various other permanent housing programs:

Equal Opportunity: We perform not discriminate on the communication of race, color, nationwide origin, sex, age, revenue status, disability, sexual orientation, sex identity, or veteran status in any type of programs or activities.