When it concerns pounding the pavement, runners take the expression and, well, run through it.As athletes run plenty of miles to prepare for a marathon, their legs and also knees take a genuine pounding, sometimes bring about painful injuries.

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The most usual problems are patellofemoral knee and also iliotibial tape injuries. Both room a an outcome of overuse. Every the training come prepare because that a marathon adds up and also can an outcome in damage to the knees and legs.

A patellofemoral knee injury wake up in front of the patella, or kneecap. This painful difficulty is an ext common in women because of exactly how the female body is set – wider hips create a different pull top top the knee.

Damage to the knee where the iliotibial band (a muscle ~ above the exterior of the thigh) create friction through rubbing against the thighbone is an additional common cause of injury.

Older runners might suffer native osteoarthritis, i beg your pardon is a degeneration that the cartilage between the joints, or chondromalacia patella – the softening that the kneecap cartilage often identified by grinding and also popping under the kneecap. Both deserve to be painful.

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Prevent and Treat Injuries

A few months of constant running have the right to increase the chance of occurs an injury, and symptoms often creep increase on unsuspecting runners.

Seeing an athletic trainer prior to you start a running regimen may aid to reduce the chances of enduring an injury. The IRONMAN Sports medicine Institute deserve to offer advice on stretching and also strengthening exercises that can help your legs feel far better and stronger. For more severe injuries, ultrasound imaging may be recommended.

Some usual treatments for knee and leg injuries include:

Ice package to manage swelling and also pain Exercise to build strength McConnell taping technique to emphasis on the alignment of the patella, thereby reducing pain during exercise; this method can allow runners come exercise reasonably pain free

Athletic trainers can teach the patience to execute this type of wrapping on your own. Most civilization find it an extremely comfortable, comparing it come wearing a huge Band-Aid on your knee. It deserve to be worn every day or only during periods the exercise, relying on the degree of injury.

Although frigid weather isn"t constantly an issue in Houston, part runners favor to undertake knee sleeves during chillier months to save the knees warm and also avoid stiffness.

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