We all have actually been there. The heart-sinking text from a customer saying the “my eyes space red and swollen, is this normal?”. Yes, this can happen to any lash technician. What must one execute in this situation instead of panicking?

We say, assess, treat, and also minimize. This post is about eyelash extension glue allergies and also eyelash adhesive allergy treatment.

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What is eyelash extension glue allergy?

An allergy is our body"s natural solution to ordinarily harmless building material (like pollen, peanuts) known as allergens. Why specific people"s human body reacts to specific allergens is unfortunately unknown. 

When someone"s body starts to react against details allergens, the human body produce fighters dubbed "antibodies" to fight these allergens.

The much more your body is exposed come an allergen, and your body will certainly fight also harder come the allergen. Hence, more exposure, a more severe allergy reaction can happen.


What causes eyelash expansion glue allergy?

In many cases, Cyanoacrylate (the key component the lash glue) is known to be the substance that causes the glue allergy. 

You’ve probably learned the eyelash expansion glue cures by its reaction come humidity (to it is in specific, Cyanoacrylate does). So, the nature of Cyanoacrylate is to affix itself to any humidity it can find.

And wherein is the most humid part of our face? Eyes and also nostrils. That’s why the adhesive allergy starts indigenous these places with symptoms like watery eyes and runny nose.


What are the symptom of lash extension glue allergy?

Symptoms of adhesive allergy may vary from person to person yet here room the most typically known symptoms of eyelash glue allergy:

Stingy, watery eyesRunny nose, clogged noseSort throatHeadachesSwelling, itching eyelids


How to treat lash glue allergy

When together an unfortunate situation arises, always remember the you are not a doctor, and the ideal advice you can offer is to straight the clients to medical professionals.

In the case of major symptoms the persists for an ext than 24 hours, they have to visit immediate care. Together licensed professionals, we have the right to only assist in advising exactly how to treat gentle discomfort and also reactions. 

How come treat mild symptoms of eyelash extension allergy



Is lash expansion glue allergy dangerous?

While a small percentage that clients develop an allergy reaction to eyelash expansion glue, this allergy itself is not specifically dangerous. Symptoms will certainly disappear as soon as the eyelash expansions are removed.

However, the allergy can happen again if eyelash extensions are applied even after some time out. (The human body keeps a storage of the allergy as soon as developed)

Note the this doesn’t just limit to the clients, and it can likewise happen come lash artists, too, who are constantly exposed to expansion glue fume. Lash artists can construct glue allergy from inhaling strong lash adhesive fume for a prolonged period that time. 

What if my client takes part time turn off from the lash extension and also gets lashes again? 

Better not! Unfortunately when the human body creates one antibody against an allergen, it won"t go away. Your customer is likely to have a more powerful reaction come eyelash expansion glue following time

Even if your customer really desires them, it will certainly not be worth it. 

How to avoid eyelash extension glue allergy?

Use one Anti-Allergy Gel


To prevent emerging the adhesive allergy, placing an open up jar that the Anti-Allergy Gel is really effective. Anti-Allergy Gel captures the fume (and cyanoacrylate) in this jelly-like jar prior to it get the eyes and nostrils.

Stock perceptible lash extensions glues

Sensitive lash expansion glues contain much less amount of Cyanoacrylate than the typical lash glues. They may not it is in the fastest drying or longest retention glues yet they space for the clients with sensitive eyes or immune systems. 

Find out what"s The finest Lash expansion Adhesive for perceptible Eyes. 


Have a everyday checklist 

There room things you have the right to do together a lash technician to reduce the potential threat of irritation and also allergies. Right here are part suggestions ~ above a few things you can do:

Always do a patch test prior to the therapy of a new client.Have a trusted ventilation system in your lash room and also keep her lash room clean and also your devices sanitized.The much more you know around your client, the much more you deserve to reduce feasible risks. Ask questions around their past lash expansion experiences and her current health conditions.Use sensitive glue for clients with glue sensitivity.

Always consult her clients prior to the appointment. 

One the the leading causes of adhesive allergy that numerous technicians overlook is the health problem of the lash client.

If the client’s immune device is weak, she is most likely to gain infections an ext frequently and also severely than most other people. The weak immune system can be brought about by numerous reasons, such together illness, stress, alcohol, smoking, or unbalanced nutrition.

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Therefore, consult with your client thoroughly about her health problem on any type of noticeable illness, medication, stress, change in sleep pattern prior to the appointment and make certain to inform the hazard of allergy breakthrough depends on she condition. 

Make certain the safety and security of your clients is her utmost priority

Ensure that your clients are well-informed, conscious of all the risks prior to the treatment. There is no certainty the you will never encounter a customer that has actually an allergic reaction, therefore you must familiarize you yourself with how to recognize the symptoms.

This would assist you to continue to be professional and calm in the most critical moments like this!


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