“Privacy is a birthright”. Us all deserve to keep other private, hide files and also folders on ours smartphone or computer. And there is nothing wrong through that till what you desire to store a an enig is perfect legal under the eyes of the law.

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Are you thinking where i am going v this? Well, if you also want to save your documents private on your Android, over there is a method. In this blog, we will discuss how to hide files and folders on one Android smartphone. If friend are looking for hiding your photos or hiding her apps climate there is a different an approach for that.

The surprise files and also folders can incorporate anything indigenous images, documents, audio to video clip files. Girlfriend can, the course, lock your phone and even password-protect your folders to prevent unauthorized access. However, there space times once your closest girlfriend or household can coax you enough to disclose your pin or password. But, if friend hide the files and also folders in Android, no one would certainly be conscious of the visibility of these files.

Steps On just how To Hide A paper Or Folder In Android

Before we begin hiding files and also folders on Android, that is crucial to check if you have an choice to check out those hidden documents in your phone. Most of the Android smartphones do have this setup in your default document Explorer app that permits the customers to view or hide files. If you carry out not have this setting, then you have the right to download a third-party device like paper Explorer: Audio, Video, Images and also Documents to view surprise files.

Download Now: document Explorer: Audio, Video, Images and also Documents

Follow these procedures to hide a paper or folder in Android via your default file Explorer or the above app:

Step 1: beginning the file Explorer on her smartphone and also navigate to the paper and folder you desire to hide.

Step 2: pick that document or folder and also tap top top the rename option.


Step 3: once you get the message box come rename the file, add a period or period in former of the name and also click ~ above OK.

For Example: If you have actually a folder through the name of “Personal Music”, include a period in the beginning and readjust it come “.Personal Music”.


Step 4: The folder will disappear uneven you have actually the “Show surprise Files” option turned on your Android.

Step 5: To check out the files and also folders, friend will have actually to enable the “Show hidden Files” option or usage a third party record explorer app like the one detailed above.

Step 6: To remove the surprise attribute, eliminate the period at the beginning of the paper name, and also you will be able to view the documents with ease. This procedure is much less complicated than hiding her IP deal with which is fairly difficult.

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How To view Hidden papers In Android?

To view hidden files in Android, you need to allow the alternative that allows the individuals to watch them. For the default feature, you have the right to use the adhering to steps:

Step 1: open up the default document Explorer and accessibility your inner storage.


Step 2: when you deserve to view every the folders, tap on three dots on the right optimal corner and tap on “Show covert Files”. You will be able to view every the surprise files and also folders in your record explorer.


If you have installed the document Explorer: Audio, Video, Images and Documents application then you deserve to use this steps:

Step 1: Tap ~ above the application faster way to launch the program.

Step 2: click on the 3 dots top top the peak right corner.


Step 3: click the Settings choice from the contextual menu and also then, click the General.

Step 4: Tap top top the checkbox next to “Show surprise Files”.

The hidden records will currently be visible to you.

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The reason Why A simple Dot Or duration Works?

Android has borrowed this feature from Linux solution where the is programmed to treat any document or folder that has a duration at the start of that name as a concealed file. The dot “.” activates the surprise attribute of the file or folder in Android. This is inserted as a precaution so the users do not delete crucial system files. The “Show hidden Files” function is constantly turned off by default and all the vital system records will have actually a period as a prefix to your name. As soon as you turn on the “Show covert Files”, you will certainly be surprised come see numerous system files on her smartphone. This procedure does not job-related in the home windows operating system.

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How come Hide Files and also Folders In Android utilizing An App?

Image Courtesy: Google

There is an additional app which lets users hide photos and videos with a pair of basic taps, and that is Hide Something. The papers then have the right to be viewed only through the app, i m sorry of course deserve to be locked v a pin or password. The documents that are surprise by this application will no much longer be accessible in the default file Explorer.

Download Hide Something. Https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.colure.app.privacygallery

The app is free to usage but additionally has a premium variation which as soon as purchased lets you to disguise the Hide Something application into a an easy calculator app. Friend can access the real Hide Something application only if you get in the exactly passcode in the fake calculator app.

The last Word On actions On exactly how To Hide A file Or Folder In Android

It is an easy to hide your files and also folders on an Android smartphone, unlike iPhone. I execute not choose using a third-party device to hide files and folders. Also, if girlfriend uninstall the third-party app, then the documents hidden in that application will additionally be lost. Many of the Android versions have a default choice to view/hide files currently built-in, and there is no need to use a third-party record Explorer together well.

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