If there are multiple WiFi networks in your area, you’ll see every one of them once you try connecting to your own. A perform of unnecessary networks—especially persons that room secured and also that you’ll never connect to anyway—can quickly come to be cluttered and annoying to see.

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Fortunately, you deserve to hide various other WiFi networks so that you don’t watch them on her computer. After hiding these various other wireless networks, you’ll have actually clear access to the one (or few) the you want to see.


Hiding other WiFi networks no permanent. You can always undo these steps to view them again. That’s extended at the bottom that this article.

What does Hiding a Wi-Fi Network Do?

Hiding other WiFi networks is pretty self-explanatory: you’ll be unable to watch the network. Once you pick a WiFi network to attach to, any kind of network name matching the one friend block will certainly not present up in your list of available networks.

Hiding WiFi networks only works top top your computer. In other words, what you will do it do as soon as you follow the steps listed below is stop them from being noted with the other WiFi networks; other people about you can still see them and also connect come them.

Blocking a WiFi network will not alert the owner and it isn’t illegal or unethical. Again, you’re yes, really just staying clear of yourself from seeing it.

Hiding other WiFi networks doesn’t actually avoid the wireless signals from reaching your area. If you desire to block nearby WiFi networks since you’re make the efforts to an increase weak signals resulted in by interference, a much better option would be to change the WiFi channel. A WiFi channel scanner is valuable in identifying which channels adjacent networks space using.

How come Hide various other WiFi Networks

Windows no let girlfriend hide WiFi networks through a comfortable graphical user interface. As nice as it would be to be able to just right-click a network you desire hidden and also click a hide/block button, the isn’t what us have obtainable to us.

Instead, you need to run a couple of commands with Command Prompt. The a nice straightforward procedure if you monitor the actions carefully.

Open Command Prompt as an administrator by looking for cmd in the start menu, right-clicking it, and selecting Run as administrator. If you’re utilizing Windows XP, you deserve to just open Command Prompt from the start menu without worrying around admin privileges.Enter this command: netsh wlan show networks

As you deserve to see, all the wireless networks your computer could connect to right now are listed. 

Identify the WiFi network you want to hide, and note that is SSID. The one fine hide is dubbed HTC_9EF2.

Note: home windows is sometimes bad at identifying every the adjacent networks. If you’re trying to find the SSID that a network that you’ve seen before but the you aren’t seeing right currently (maybe because of weak signal strength), use a WiFi scanner like WifiInfoView to compile a more comprehensive list.

Open Notepad or some various other text field, dough the complying with command right into it, and replace ours SSID with the one friend want hidden (be sure to save the quotes roughly it):

netsh wlan add filter permission=block ssid="HTC_9EF2" networktype=infrastructureReturn to Command Prompt and also enter that command. You have the right to do this by right-clicking the black space and choosing Paste.The solution should it is in The filter is included on the mechanism successfully.


That’s it! That specific WiFi network will be hidden. Together you can see, if we repeat the command that shows networks, the no longer there.

You have the right to repeat these actions for every network you desire to hide.

If there are numerous that you want hidden, you deserve to run a different command to include multiple networks come the block filter in ~ once. 

This is definitely a time saver, yet please know that if you proceed with these steps, you’ll have undo the command if you ever before want come see various other networks again, choose if you relocate your laptop to one more location or readjust the SSID to her network.

Add the network you desire to see/allow (replace NETWORKNAME with the SSID):

netsh wlan include filter permission=allow ssid="NETWORKNAME" networktype=infrastructureBlock every various other network:netsh wlan include filter permission=denyall networktype=infrastructure

How come Undo The commands & check out The Networks Again

These are the appropriate netsh commands for unhiding the networks:

To identify which SSIDs space being clogged if you’ve forgotten:

netsh wlan present filtersTo unblock a certain WiFi network:netsh wlan delete filter permission=block ssid="NETWORKNAME" networktype=infrastructureTo remove the block ~ above all other WiFi networks:netsh wlan delete filter permission=denyall networktype=infrastructure

What about Hiding Your own WiFi?

If she trying come hide your own network from your neighbors, blocking your router’s SSID from yourself isn’t the answer. However, disabling SSID broadcast on her router, and also securing it v a solid password, are. Those are just two of the ideal ways come secure her WiFi and also stop unwanted human being from obtaining on.

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Unless your following door WiFi sniffers are actually knowledgeable on tech and security and also can spoof your MAC address, girlfriend can additionally turn top top MAC address filtering to additional secure your network.