Routers are a necessity in many households, however they aren’t always the many attractive piece of equipment. If you’re in search of ways come hide the router in her living room, you’ve concerned the best place. Us scoured the internet, so girlfriend don’t have actually to, and have some router hiding suggestions.

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It’s finest not come hide a router for maximum single strength, yet we know sometimes they just don’t right in with a room’s design. Fortunately, over there are methods you have the right to hide the router if still maintaining a great signal. You deserve to hide your router by:

Hiding that behind your TVPlacing that behind a picture frameCreating a router box coverDisguising that on a bookshelfPlacing the in a woven basket

We’ve given you part suggestions on just how to hide your router, but keep reading as we sophisticated on how to put each one right into action. We’ll additionally discuss whether it’s okay to keep your router within a cabinet, how to call if your router is overheating, or even if that can capture fire.

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5 methods To Hide your Router In her Living Room


1. Hiding it Behind your TV

Your TV is most likely one that the biggest items in her living room, and whether it’s an installed to the wall surface or on peak of a unit, there’s ample an are to hide her router behind it.

Screw It to The TV Stand

In this living room, the router and other electronic devices have been screwed come the back of the TV stand. Routers will often have screw feet slots, so every you must do is drill part screws to the back of your TV stand and also attach her router. This method might not job-related if you have a TV was standing you don’t desire to threat damaging v screws. However, if it’s sturdy and you’re okay with a few screws in the back, it’s a simple method to hide her router.

On The wall surface Behind your TV

Similarly, friend can affix your router come the wall behind your TV. Friend can connect it straight to the wall using the screw hole slots or usage a newspaper rack choose in the instance above. In the image example, a cable crate is gift stored in the magazine rack, but you have the right to use a similar concept for your router.

2. Placing it Behind A photograph Frame

Most human being have a console table or other location where they screen photo frames in your living rooms. Put the router behind one is a simple means to hide it. Depending on the picture frame’s size, it can not be covered entirely, but it will certainly at the very least cover up most of it and also distract the eye away.

If you require some tips and also ideas on just how to decorate the table in her living room, inspect out our other blog post: just how To Decorate A Console Table In The living Room <5 Cool Ideas!>

3. Producing A Router crate Cover

If you’re feeling crafty, you deserve to make your own DIY router cover. Or, if do anything sounds like too much work, girlfriend can discover a decorate crate and also turn the on that side because that a comparable effect. Simply make sure to select something that offers enough an are to achieve a great signal and also avoid overheating.


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4. Disguising the On A Bookshelf

Bookshelves room a an excellent place come hide her wifi router. You deserve to strategically location it among some books and also let it mix in. Or, you deserve to hide the by to buy a crate designed to look choose a heat of books like in our image examples over and below!

5. Placing the In A Woven Basket

Woven baskets room in! everyone knows how great they are for save things prefer blankets and also odds and also ends girlfriend don’t want out in level sight. Lock are additionally a an excellent place to save your router. Their opened tops enable for the wifi signal come still be in ~ its strongest. If you pick a basket through a lid, be sure to make sure it has pretty broad holes, therefore you minimize the threat of overheating.


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Can A Router Be within A Cabinet?

It might be tempting to hide the router away inside a cabinet, yet there are a few reasons why this isn’t a great idea. We’ll comment on these reasons in terms of functionality and also safety.


Functionality way how fine something go what it is intended to do. The purpose of a router is to receive and send data. To carry out this well, it demands to be able to send out a signal.

By placing your router within a cabinet, you could be blocking the signal from reaching outside of it. Dampening the signal can mean slow-moving wifi speeds, and also in a time where modern technology is everywhere, this can be a vast inconvenience. The being said, if friend don’t want to store your router everywhere else, girlfriend could try placing it in the cabinet and also seeing exactly how it affects your signal.


A not-so-strong wifi signal can be the the very least of your worries, though. If you placed your router in a cabinet that doesn’t have actually a the majority of airflow, it deserve to overheat. Any type of electronics overheating can be dangerous, and it will also shorten the expectation of your router.

How perform You recognize If her Router Is Overheating?

Routers are rarely turned off, for this reason they put in a the majority of work through very few breaks. As we stated above, routers deserve to overheat. They can overheat for number of reasons. Dust and also lint might be prevent the vents causing the router come overheat, or you can have the enclosed in a an are with tiny airflow.

So how do you understand if your router has started to overheat? There are a few signs that show your router is overheating. The most apparent is if the router feels very warm to the touch. If you have noticed your wifi signal isn’t as strong, it’s dropping connections, or the relations are spotty, the router might be overheating. Another sign your router is overheating is the smell of burnt plastic.

To stop your router overheating, examine it consistently for any dust buildup. You can remove dust and clean her router by making use of a can of compressed air. Simply make sure you unplug it before doing so.


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Making certain its vents space not covered and making sure it isn’t near any other electronic devices that omits a lot of of heat is another means to prevent overheating.

Can A Router capture Fire?

Now that you know a router can overheat, you might be came to it will catch fire. Fortunately, the opportunity of a router recording fire is an extremely low. There space some cases in i m sorry routers have captured fire, but this is no usually as result of overheating. Lightning striking utility poles can reason a router to capture fire, yet this is likewise rare.

If girlfriend can’t shower the are afraid that your router might record fire, you can unplug it as soon as it’s not in use for peace of mind. Girlfriend can additionally take few of the actions we mentioned over to mitigate the hazard of your router overheating.

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Final Thoughts

Even though routers have to be out in the open up for optimal signal strength, routers can also be an eyesore. Hopefully, we’ve offered you some concepts or catalyst on exactly how to hide yours there is no affecting the signal toughness too much. An excellent luck!

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