Teens regularly hide liquor in mystery containers come mask your drinking. Understand where come look and also how to talk to your teen about alcohol use in bespeak to assist keep lock healthy.

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Are you worried around teens and also alcohol? You’re not alone.

Across the nation, teenager alcohol abuse is a large problem – the 2017 Youth Risk behavior Surveillance discovered that some 30% of teens reported drinking in ~ the past 30 days.

The hazard is exacerbated through the truth that it may be difficult to understand for sure if a child is occurring an alcohol problem. When youngsters drink alcohol, lock often construct myriad means to store it a secret. It’s not unusual for children to hide alcohol in toiletry bottles, or also to carry it about in sporting activities drink or water bottles.

But over there are steps that parents deserve to take come fight this challenge. Learning where to inspect for booze and understanding how to talk through teens around alcohol can assist parents be much better prepared to aid their children if they have a problem.

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It have the right to be daunting to call if a teen has an alcohol problem because of the many ways to hide it.  Teens may hide alcohol in mouthwash and shampoo bottles.  Sports drink bottles, hidden flasks, and also fake water bottles room other locations where teens hide alcohol.  Boisterous behavior, depression, and memory lose are indications of teen alcohol use.  It is important to talk to her teen about alcohol use and also listen there is no judgement. 


Storing liquor in a mouthwash bottle is one common way to hide alcohol. Some teens make that a practice to empty out the mouthwash, pour in a clear liquor, and include other fancy liquids or food color to do it look choose the original product.

Teens likewise may curtail the regulation and shot to obtain drunk by eat mouthwash through alcohol. Mouthwash deserve to contain in between 5 and 27% ethanol. Parents have to keep one eye on any mouthwash the their family members use and also monitor simply how quick the bottle is being consumed. If who suspects their kid is trying to get access to alcohol, they may want to try buying alcohol-free mouthwash for your family.

Shampoo Bottles

Kids may use shampoo bottles to hide alcohol. Some teenagers are well-known to empty and also rinse out the bottles before adding booze, specifically if it’s a shampoo party that nobody else in the family uses. That also possible to buy empty bottles online, for this reason if parents see a brand the shampoo roughly their home that they nothing remember buying, they should check to view if there is any alcohol in the shampoo bottle. Additionally, if parents find any kind of toiletry bottles sitting in their child’s room or in various other unusual places exterior the bathroom, they should discover out whether the bottle’s materials have to be altered.

Sports Drink Bottles

Many civilization who hide your drinking mix Gatorade and alcohol. Teenagers who are start to experiment v alcohol may find that using sweeter or flavored drink as mixers helps to dull the regularly harsh taste of difficult liquor. Additionally, sports drink bottles are really easy to transport and typically nothing look suspiciously to adults and authority figures.

Keeping one eye ~ above what teens are drinking and noting even if it is they bring drink bottles through them once they walk out v friends can assist parents detect whether their kids might be mix alcohol and Gatorade or various other sports drinks. Parents can also look because that stashes of empty sporting activities drink or soda bottles that their teens can be saving for later use. Parents who monitor what their kids drink may help prevent teenager alcohol use.

Hidden Flasks

When teens fulfill up v their friends, they might use covert alcohol flasks come hide their drinking.

After all, typical flasks can hold 8 ounces of liquor and easily fit into pants or coat pockets.

Alternately, there space a lot of an enig flasks obtainable that look like various other objects, however are actually meant to store alcohol. Because that example, some stores market sunscreen alcohol bottles the look like normal bottles of sunscreen or various other objects prefer binoculars. If a teen suddenly start carrying roughly a new or unusual item, they may actually be making use of the items to save alcohol. A surprise binoculars flask or fake booze bottle can be quickly carried about in a purse or bookbag, therefore parents must keep one eye ~ above whether your teen’s bag all of sudden looks heavier 보다 normal.

Fake Water Bottles

Kids sometimes hide alcohol in various other drink bottles as well. Teens might replace water v vodka or one more clear liquor, or use a non-clear water bottle to disguise the alcohol inside. If a teen generally carries about a specific bottle v them when they fulfill up with friends, parental can shot sniffing the liquid within to check out if they detect ethanol.

Another method that teens room hiding alcohol in water party is by changing the party itself to make it look less questionable. Some world cut the water party and add a hidden compartment, so that water is tho stored on top and also any boozy odor is masked. Others have found ways to open water bottles, replace the contents, and also then reseal the party so that they watch brand new.

What need to I carry out If I uncover Alcohol?

If you room finding hidden alcohol containers around the house, the may most likely be a clear sign that your teen is abusing alcohol. Save an eye the end for other signs of alcohol abuse together well, including loud and also boisterous behavior, storage loss and depression. If your teenager is abusing alcohol regularly, they may additionally give up some of their normal activities or start doing poorly in institution or work as result of drunkenness or hangovers.

If you discover a mystery flask or find that your teen has mixed liquor into their drink, the an initial step is talking to them about the issue. Try not to slam or pass judgment. Instead, listen to them, offer them support and let them know you’re comes from a ar of love. If you understand your teenager is drinking or if friend think you need further aid with teen alcohol abuse, it’s a good idea to reach out to experts who have the right to offer guidance to both you and your teen.

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The Recovery village offers experts who have the right to tell you an ext about teen alcohol rehab. Speak to ours team this particular day if friend want an ext information around teen therapy centers or other treatment options that might assist your family. Getting to out deserve to help collection your teen on a healthier path.