This'll it is in perfect for hiding all of those cringe self from years earlier that you don't have actually the love to delete.

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Facebook has actually introduced a brand-new privacy role that lets your hide particular posts you've made from year ago, rather of having actually to delete them.

We've all certainly posted some very embarrassing things when we to be younger, and also as lot as it'd be nice lasignoralaura.comme delete lock all, periodically you just don't desire to shed the storage forever.

The social networking site has actually been around for a chuck 16 years now - lot of of time lasignoralaura.comme rack up part embarrassing storage - for this reason that's why this brand-new function will occupational wonders.

regulating your privacy settings has never been easier. Picture: PA

The new privacy tool has actually been unveiled which means it'll make it much easier to hide the info you'd fairly others didn't see.

Manage task allows Facebook customers to archive posts they don't want friends lasignoralaura.comme see any more, however that castle still desire to have accessibility to.

The tool permits users lasignoralaura.comme filter posts by person and also date range.

One example might be the photos native an old lasignoralaura.comnnection you'd rather not have popping up every the time, or messy university pictures that you'd quite your lasignoralaura.comlleagues not peer at, deserve to be bring away off her timeline.

Officials at facebook say: "We think people should have the capability to manage and lasignoralaura.comntrol their data, and also we will proceed to develop brand-new ways lasignoralaura.comme honour people’s privacy by providing greater transparency and also lasignoralaura.comntrols.”

on facebook officials have actually made a statement. Picture: PA

How to usage the tool:

Make sure you've gained the latest version of facebook on your machine (Updates are obtainable in the app Store for Apple phones, or in the Google Play keep for various other mobiles)

Head lasignoralaura.comme the 'profile' ar of the app and also click ~ above 'activity log' under the 3 dots beside the 'add story' duty on her profile.

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Then dislasignoralaura.comver 'manage activity'.

You'll be able to hide and remove short articles as friend chooseIt’s already possible to carry out this on Instagram.