Photo: Getty images re-publishing on on facebook re-superstructure on twitter re-superstructure on pinterest share on email If your legs have actually seen far better days (hello, bruises and no sunlight), the doesn"t typical you need to keep lock in foot jail, aka pants, forever. Foot makeup come the rescue. However what is foot makeup, girlfriend ask?

As its surname suggests, it"s product you placed on her legs. Services of wearing it encompass covering up things such as varicose veins, scars, period spots, a patchy faux tan. Like confront makeup, it likewise evens out your skin tone and gives her legs that glowy, I"m-about-to-walk-the-red-carpet look.

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Here are 5 makeup artist-approved leg makeup products, plus advice on stepping up your leg skin care routine and why it"s essential.

Types of foot makeup

Like confront makeup, foot makeup additionally comes in a selection of formulations, including sprays, liquids, and also powders. Sprays are commonly waterproof and don"t deliver onto her clothes. Powder-based leg makeup, says makeup artistRae Morris, often tends to sit on optimal of the skin. And also liquid foot makeup is simple to rub in and seamlessly blend right into the skin.

5 makeup artist-recommended foot makeup products

MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation($31)

For camera-ready legs, Morris recommends MAC"s fluid Face and Body Foundation. "You really have to rub this onto her skin, much more than friend think girlfriend do," she says. "It gets much better the more you massage it. I"ve had numerous photographers call me that it makes the skin watch retouched when used properly. The camera lens can"t also detect it."

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Dermablend Leg and also Body Makeup($34)

Dermablend is a staple as soon as it concerns leg makeup thanks to that is lightweight and blendable formula. "It comes in 12 colors," states celebrity makeup artistMary Irwin. "The coverage is buildable however still looks natural. I store this in my kit for when models display up with bruises or uneven skin tone." Bonus points: It additionally has broad-spectrum SPF 25.

Sally Hansen Airbrush foot Spray ($15)

Not sure if leg makeup is because that you but still desire to offer it a try? Irwin has used Sally Hansen Airbrush legs Spray because that a decade and swears by it. "It"s affordable, straightforward to use, and dries at sight quickly," she says. "With six color options and the price being $15, it"s an easy method to try leg makeup there is no making a huge commitment."

Morris also is a pan of Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs because that its velvety finish. "I use this once I"m extending things choose bruises or darkness about the knees," she says. "It dries like organic skin, therefore it"s perfect for poignant up areas as opposed to the totality leg."

Vita Liberata body Blur($45)

If you"re trying to find that your-legs-but-better look versus full-on coverage, Irwin is impressed v Vita Liberata body Blur, which comes in three various shades: latte, latte light, and also mocha. "It"s sheer and hydrating, giving a glow rather than a ton that coverage," she says. It"s likewise certified organic, while also being paraben- and also sulfate-free.

Era day-to-day Airbrush Spray-On Foundation($33)

Era daily Airbrush Spray-On foundation is amongst one the Morris"s favorite to use as leg makeup. "This one is waterproof in an aerosol, but you can also use your hands come blend," she says. "It looks like skin when it dries, and also it doesn"t move once dry. However, if girlfriend like much more sheen on her legs, wait because that it come dry, then dust through shimmer flour on top."

Tips for applying leg makeup

Apply it together you would certainly self-tanner

Applying leg makeup can get messy. Irwin argues using gloves and also a large sponge if you have them ~ above hand. And, many importantly, blend, blend, blend.

Match come your wanted leg shade

When it pertains to finding the appropriate shade of foot makeup, Morris claims it counts on her intention. If you want to conceal a couple of spots, it should exactly enhance your herbal leg color, for this reason it"s undetected. If you"re going come cover your entire leg with leg makeup, then complement the shade to your face foundation.

Conceal bruises first

If you need to cover up a dark bruise through a blue-grey undertone, Morris recommends dabbing peachy under-eye concealer on it an initial to shade correct and also then applying your foot makeup on top for a smooth finish.

Why leg skin care is important

When girlfriend think of skincare, her legs aren"t the an initial area that involves mind, yet taking care of the skin on your legs is important too. "Like the skin ~ above the face, the legs also can experience skin concerns like dryness that need to be addressed v a regimen past a moisturizer," says NYC-based cosmetic dermatologistMarie Hayag, MD. "More importantly, melanoma is most common on the foot of women. Therefore, skin cancer prevention and also regular skin checks with a board-certified dermatologist is a need to for everyone."

Also, ingrown hairs room no fun, and proper leg skin care rituals will assist prevent them also as help keep your legs emotion smooth and also looking glowy.

Skincare advice for your legs

First and foremost, hydrate. Her legs too, Dr. Hayag says, should be quenched from the within out. Below are some more leg skincare advice she proposal integrating right into your everyday ritual.

Dry brush

"Dry to brush helps aid in the exfoliating procedure by sloughing turn off dead skin cells, raising circulation, diminishing cellulite appearance, helping v lymphatic drainage, and exfoliating the skin," Dr. Hayag says. Plus, eliminating every the dead skin way that your moisturizer will certainly absorb right into the skin an ext effectively and also leave your legs feeling silky smooth.

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To assist prevent structure hairs, exfoliation prior to shaving is key. Take a shower first or use heat water to soften the skin and open increase the pores. "Scrub the legs gently through a cleanser that has glycolic mountain to get rid of bumps, dryness, and flakes," Dr. Hayag says. "Be certain to focus exfoliation on locations like the knees the are much more prone to bumps and also skin build-up."

Moisturize and also oil up

Dr. Hayag recommends moisturizing appropriate after the shower when your skin is still damp for better absorption. "Follow up v a body oil to help in hydrating the skin and also creating a smooth barrier," she continues. "It is essential to perform this since the legs do not have as many sebaceous glands as the face does, for this reason the legs often tend to come to be drier."

Apply SPF

SPF is one integral part of every skin care routine, consisting of one for your legs. "Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 ~ above the foot 30 minutes before sun exposure," Dr. Hayag says. "Reapply every two hours. Carry out not overlook the earlier of the legs and the feet, which are frequently forgotten."

This at-home workout will strengthen your legs in no time. Plus, editor-approved shaving assets to store your foot smooth together butter.