Privacy and security matters to us, so all of us like to hide some documents on our Android an equipment — doesn’t matter what the is, us don’t want any other come share or gaze increase on those.

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So many of us simply install paper hiding or file locking app from Google Play to hide papers on Android. However sometimes, if friend don’t want some app to take it extra room on your device, right here is a simple trick to hide documents on Android there is no using any type of apps.

Hide documents on Android there is no using any kind of apps:

Here to be briefing two methods to do this task.

Method 1

1. First open your File Manager and then create a brand-new folder.Now move all the papers you want to hide into that folder.

2. Then go to your record Manger settings.And permit the alternative “Show hidden Files/Folders“.


3. Now rename that newly produced folder,which have records you desire to hide. Throughout rename just include a dot “.” prior to all characters.And save it. For instance if her folder surname is “My Folder”,then just rename it as “.My Folder“.

4. Currently again go back to your document Manager setups and collection “Hide covert Folders” or disable the alternative that we activated in “Step 2”

5. Yeah now your folder is hidden,check her gallery.If you desire to unhide papers just enable “Show concealed Files/Folders” choice then rename the folder by removing dot “.”

Method 2

Since the above an approach is not working in some brand-new android smart phones specifically on Kitkat and also later.For those try technique 2. This method is nothing yet simply including a “.nomedia” document in the folder where we are hiding the files. For this reason the folder with “.nomedia” file will be covert from the gallery.

Now what is “nomedia” file? — “nomedia” document is merely a paper with an extension “.nomedia”,like video files have “.3gp”,”.mp4″ or “.mkv” extension.

1. Choose above an approach move the documents you want to hide right into a newly produced folder in file Manager.This time move one useless image through them too.

Here you can see that an extra image file “blaa file.jpg” with files i desire to hide.


2. In this step we are going to create our “nomedia” file. Currently rename your unwanted paper to “.nomedia”.

Don’t forget to erase complete name in addition to extension. And also save it. Now file Manager will certainly ask permission come change paper extension,then hit “OK”. See instance below.My unwanted file was “blaa file.jpg”,then ns renamed it come “.nomedia”.

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3. And you properly hide your files from gallery,go and check.If records are still clearly shows there,reboot your device. If you desire to unhide your files just rename “.nomedia” file to part to part other document extension or delete the file

So that’s it. These room the 2 simplest methods to hide papers on Android there is no using any apps. If you are facing any kind of problem or recognize some other approaches to hide files, climate please pertained to comment section.