ns am 16 and also still in HS and also work 20+ hrs a week. I live v my mother (my Dad left us as soon as I to be a kid and also I don"t see him anymore). My mother is one alcoholic and also has trouble maintaining a job. I don"t desire to provide too many details here yet in the past my mommy took lasignoralaura.com from me. She always promised to return it to me but she never ever did. No ever. I only go house these days to sleep, i beg your pardon is fine. I simply want to continue to be in school and also save my lasignoralaura.com so I deserve to go to neighborhood college and become a nurse. My new job together a waitress payment ok but until currently I was paid in cash and I worry around this. I desire to open a checking account but I need my mother"s signature and also I are afraid she will certainly take mine lasignoralaura.com once she is damaged again. Personal from coming to be an emancipated young is over there anything I deserve to do to stop my mom from taking my lasignoralaura.com? would hiring a locker in ~ a bank or something comparable be a good option? Or is over there something else? (I live in Utah).

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I’m i m really sorry to hear about your situation. There room a pair of problems at play.

Parents room responsible financially for their kids until they rotate 18. Lock are forced to provide food, shelter, and also clothing because that you, and also if you reason damages come someone, lock are compelled to pay it. There are two outcomes of this that affect your situation.

First, that is not precisely illegal for your mother to take her lasignoralaura.com. Your mother has expenses related to caring because that you. I’m not at every saying the it is right that she take your lasignoralaura.com, however I am speak that i don’t think you’ll have the ability to successfully charge her with a crime or sue she for this lasignoralaura.com.

Second, due to the fact that parents are responsible for your children’s actions, minors are not allowed to enter into a contract without your parent’s involvement. This will certainly make gaining a bank account without your mom difficult.

Do girlfriend have one more adult in your life the you trust? They might be may be to help you gain a financial institution account the your mom would not have accessibility to.

There room two kinds of financial institution accounts the a minor have the right to get: a joint account and also a custodial account. Both indicate an adult that you must be able to trust.

With a joint account, you and the various other person have full accessibility to the account and also own all the lasignoralaura.com in the together. One of two people of you have the right to put lasignoralaura.com in or take it lasignoralaura.com out at any type of time. This would certainly not be right with her mother, however if you have an adult in your life the you trust would certainly not take your lasignoralaura.com, it could work. Once you rotate 18, the adult might remove themselves from the account, and the lasignoralaura.com is all yours. Or you might even ask the bank if they can collection up the account to immediately remove the adult native the account on your 18th birthday.

A custodial account is a small different. With this type of account, the boy is the single legal owner the the lasignoralaura.com in the account, not the adult (custodian). However, the boy does not have accessibility to the funds by herself till she i do not care an adult. The adult walk have accessibility to the lasignoralaura.com, but is just legally allowed to use it for the benefit of the child. As soon as the minor becomes an adult, the account converts come a regular bank account, and the custodian fall off. If you nothing trust her mother, you would certainly not want to obtain a custodial account with her as the custodian, because she could argue that she is acquisition lasignoralaura.com to salary for things for you. Yet if you have another trustworthy adult that is willing to help, this could work. However you won’t have the ability to get a check account this way, and you would probably need the adult’s cooperation every time you want to take it lasignoralaura.com the end of the account.

It could be worth calling up regional banks and also credit unions, telling them your age, and also asking them if they can collection up an account because that you there is no an adult. You may obtain lucky and also find one that will. If not, and also you can’t discover a reliable adult who will help you, you may be forced to proceed hiding her cash till you turn 18. Possibly you need to buy a safe.