You open up your on facebook on the Sunday morning ~ your an initial night out in months, and also there the is: A photograph from the Uber home, mascara smeared, eye bleary. On peak of gift a poor picture, it"s very not your an individual brand. After ~ you"re done all-caps texting the now ex-friend that posted it, your next task is to uncover out how to hide the photo on Facebook.

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Facebook friends perform can frequently be long, outdated, and also filled with people you understand from different areas of your life, so it’s an important to know exactly how to hide photos from certain people on Facebook. “Sometimes there’ll be a picture that i really desire to post, yet I just want details friends to view it,” Alex, 18, tells “I have a most Facebook friends who I nothing actually want to check out what i’m posting, so I like being may be to select who come hide picture from.”

Ready come clean up her digital footprint? Here’s exactly how to hide image on Facebook.

How come Hide photos On Facebook

For photos you’ve uploaded to Facebook, open up the post you’d prefer to hide and select the three dots in the upper appropriate of the caption. The menu might be worded differently relying on whether you’re utilizing the mobile application or the desktop computer website, but alternatives like “Edit privacy” and also “Edit audience” will open up a perform of various privacy setups for friend to pick from. To modify these settings while producing a post, usage the audience selector beneath your name to choose who it’ll be clearly shows to; girlfriend can select from choices like public, friends, specific friends, only me, or a practice list.

For photos that are component of albums uploaded come Facebook, you have to change the privacy settings on the whole album. You deserve to do this by clicking end to the album’s page, and clicking on the small people symbol that’s next to the album name. There, you’ll watch the same audience selector options.

For posts you’re tagged in, which also appear on your timeline and in the Photos ar of your profile, you nothing have manage over who can see them; just the user who articles a picture can edit that photo’s privacy settings. Luckily, facebook still allows you eliminate the tag from photos you desire to hide from your profile by tapping the three dots in the upper best of the post and also selecting “Remove tag.” if this deserve to rid your profile of an unflattering team photo, store in mind the the picture itself will still be clearly shows to the audience it’s common with. To totally remove it, you’ll have to ask the person who posted it to delete it. (If the person refuses to remove it and the picture goes versus Facebook’s neighborhood Standards — for example, if it consists of personally identifiable details like your driver’s license number — you have the right to report the photo.)

If you want to remove a photo from her profile page yet still save it on various other parts the Facebook, like News Feed and also Search, fight the three dots in the top right that the post and select “Hide from profile.” This won’t change who’s able to view your photograph — the may display up in find results, or top top a friend’s page — and you’ll still be tagged in it, but the write-up will no longer appear on her profile.

How to Hide Photos indigenous Non-Friends on Facebook

When posting your very own photos, within the audience selector, pick the “Friends” setting to keep articles within your own friend circle. If you’d favor to double-check i beg your pardon photos are visible come the public, you have the right to tap the three dots on the best side of your profile page and select “View As.” This mode shows girlfriend what non-friends will see as soon as they check out your profile, for this reason you have the right to rest assured the your image from last night’s party room safely hidden from civilization you’re maintaining off her friends list.

How come Hide photos From particular People top top Facebook

The audience selector offers several different settings for hiding short articles from particular people. If you select the “Friends except…” option, friend can choose the users you want to store your article away from. You can select as plenty of or as couple of people together you want, for this reason feel cost-free to form in surname of old classmates and also overbearing relatives to her heart’s desire prior to posting.

The “Specific friends” option in the menu does the opposite. If you have actually a write-up referencing a hilarious inside hoax you understand several close friends will certainly appreciate, girlfriend can pick only your names to keep the short article private to those people.

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With the capacity to curate her audience because that each post, you have the right to ensure her pics are only reaching particular friends. Walk ahead and share those selfies without worrying about judgment from your ex.