Has it ever crossed your mind come learn just how to hide number ~ above MTN? For part reason, you could need to hide her MTN number prior to you dial a contact on her list. Yet what if you nothing know just how to hide number top top MTN? it really means you won’t have the ability to use the benefits that come v it.

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Anyway, we understand how vital this information is come you, it is why we’ve come up with this article to notify you on just how to hide number top top MTN. Prior to we check out the core of the article, we’d like to take you through why you need to know exactly how to hide number ~ above MTN.Let’s obtain started.

3 factors Why You have to Know exactly how To Hide Number top top MTN

There space several factors why you could want come hide number ~ above MTN if that’s her line. In this part, fine look in ~ 3 reasons why you can want to hide numbers on MTN. Uncover them below.1. You want to hide your identity from the recipientThis might be due to reasons prefer the person avoiding your calls. Or the you desire to make a surprise call. For any type of other related reasons, you simply want come shield her identity.2. Friend don’t want your recipient to have your numberAnother reason you may want to hide number on MTN is that you don’t want your phone call number recorded. The is, you might not desire your receiver to have your phone call number conserved on their call list.For instance, if friend shop online and also maybe, just on a one-time purchase, you wouldn’t desire such a client to store your number saved, girlfriend can select to hide your number prior to you call.3. For security reasons

Security reasons such as protecting your image, and not have actually the publicly eye ~ above you, when you can need to make some special calls. And before you do, the straightforward best thing to perform is to hide number on MTN.Having checked out the over reasons that could lead you to desire to hide numbers on MTN, let’s proceed to discover the actual deal – just how to hide number on MTN.Read Also: just how To inspect MTN Data Balance 2021

How to Hide Number on MTN


It’s quite easy to hide her phone number so the your recipient won’t check out it. There room two straightforward ways to carry out it.First, you can choose to check up your phone settings, under the speak to aspect. Native there, you’ll uncover the section where you will do it hide your number. The procedures have the right to vary depending upon the phone kind and pattern.But, because that android phones, follow with with these actions accordingly.Go come phone’s setups under the menuSelect “Call settings”Choose “Additional settings”Select “Caller ID”Choose “hide number” to hide your MTN numberNote that, once you execute this, the takes effect for every number friend dial. Hence, you need to adjust back the setup to “show number” once you’re done hiding your number for the calls.Read Also: exactly how To connect NIN To her SIM: MTN, Glo, 9mobile, AirtelFor iPhones, follow the steps listed below to hide your MTN number:Locate phone’s settings via her phone menuSelect “Phone”Choose “Show my Caller ID”Select the choices to either present or hide her number together you wishThe second technique is to use a code to hide numbers. With these 2 options, you can hide your number using any kind of Nigerian mobile telecommunications network. However, our short article focuses on exactly how to hide number top top MTN. Now, let’s proceed with exactly how to hide number top top MTN utilizing code.

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How to Hide Number on MTN making use of Code

Final Note

In this article, whatever you should know about how come hide number top top MTN is all we’ve extended exhaustively. Because that several reasons it may take place that you urgently must keep her number exclusive or unknown prior to you make details calls. That’s why we’ve written this article. Feel complimentary to follow the an easy procedures we’ve noted on exactly how to hide number ~ above MTN any type of time.Other great Articles ~ above The BlogStartimes Subscription Packages In 2021How To cook Pepper Soup In 7 simple StepsCanadian Embassy In Nigeria and Contact Details