Do you desire to hide your number as soon as you are calling someone on the Galaxy S10? This convenient feature is very easy come access. If girlfriend don’t desire other human being to trace you, you can constantly block or hide her number. Every time friend call, friend will appear as one “Unknown Caller”. 

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But, prior to you decision to do that, there is something rather you should have in mind. Stop say you’ve hidden your number and also you are now trying to call your friend. If the friend has blocked just arrived calls indigenous unknown numbers, you won’t be able to call them. 

If you are fine v that, you deserve to go ahead and also hide your number. If you nothing know-how, you’ve concerned the ideal place. Us made this overview just because that you. Every you have to do is follow this steps and you will hide her number in no-time. Stop begin. 

Step 1

Go come your house screen. Click on the speak to button, the same one you use to dial numbers. Then, click the three vertical dots in the top-right edge of the screen. It is right alongside your search bar.


If you desire to adjust the settings back, you can constantly click on “Show” in the exact same “Settings” food selection where you’ve covert your number. So, that’s about it. You have effectively hidden your phone number ~ above Galaxy S10. 

Now, this overview is for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, and also S10 plus. Girlfriend can accessibility this feature the same way on every one of these devices. Now that friend know just how to carry out it, walk ahead and also give that a try. Follow all the steps and hide the number in seconds. 


Galaxy S10 has plenty the cool features you can permit through the “Settings” menu. One of those functions is hiding her number. If you want to block her number so that other civilization won’t view it, you have the right to do that from the “Settings” menu. It will certainly take just a couple of seconds to access it.

Just follow all the steps we mentioned and also you will do it. The next time you call someone, your phone number will be hidden. But, remember, if the recipient has blocked numbers from unknown callers, friend won’t have the ability to call them. Your call won’t reach.

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If the is not a problem, climate you have actually nothing to worry about. Permit us know if you uncovered this guide helpful in the comment ar below.