You might not understand this yet, however Amazon keeps a record of your purchasing history. Sure, this is great for reviewing past orders and checking receipts. Yet there may be times as soon as you want to hide purchase items.

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This could pose a problem for dwellings where all household members share a single Amazon account. Hiding your background can be vital for a selection of reasons. It might be an individual or downright weird. Tap or click because that the weirdest things you didn’t know you might buy top top Amazon.

Most that the time, you don’t desire to expose spoilers for presents you’ve bought loved ones. So below are a couple of tips to help you hide your activity on Amazon and even have your items delivered to an address other than your home.

Stop Alexa native spilling the beans

If you have actually an Echo device, Alexa can instantly tell you distribution updates for items friend order. This deserve to be a large problem. Alexa loudly announces the delivery, ruining the surprise. Now, her gift recipient will certainly know just what to expect.

To store the aspect of surprise for her gift orders, follow these procedures to disable the function in the Alexa app:

Email deal with subscribe

open up the Alexa app on her phone.Tap More > Settings.Choose Notifications.Select Amazon Shopping.Uncheck the box labeled For items in delivery updates under the ar Let Alexa say or display titles because that items you’ve ordered.Although nearly 70% of clever speaker owners usage Alexa, not all recognize her full skillset. In fact, we discovered 20 little-known tips and tricks that open up a whole new world of possibilities. Tap or click here for our favorite an enig Alexa commands.

Clever means to hide purchases

If you’re sharing the very same Amazon account with one more family member, there are ways to hide purchases and also searches come avoid potentially heartbreaking gift spoilers. Below are a few options:

Archive one order

When friend archive orders, this action hides gift purchases from her order background and can likewise hide items you no much longer want to recommendation or are merely too embarrassed to reveal.

To archive an order, hover your cursor over Account & Lists > Your Account and click Orders. Discover the order you want to hide and also click Archive Order. This will remove the item from instant viewing within her order history.


Note: Archived orders have the right to still be regarded by going come the Your Account page and selecting Archived Orders. This items can likewise be restored by picking Unarchive Order.

Remove items from browsing history

To stop revealing her gift concepts to the whole household, you deserve to remove items indigenous your searching history. Hover your cursor over Account & Lists > Your Account and click on Browsing History. A perform of items did you do it looked at will appear. Because that each item the you want to hide, tap Remove indigenous view.


Note: If you desire all searches hidden, rotate off your account’s Browsing history entirely by choosing Manage history > Toggle the Turn off searching history alternative to off.


Remove items from your Recommendations

Amazon’s Recommended perform is another source of potential gift spoilers. This is one automated perform of item the algorithm thinks you’ll like. (It’s based upon prior purchases.)

To exclude certain purchases from influencing your recommendations, go to her Amazon’s enhance Your references section, situate the article you want to exclude, then select I prefer not to use this because that recommendations.

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Ship to an Amazon Locker

Deliveries can likewise cause spoilers. Nothing states “something’s up” more blatantly than a big Amazon box waiting at her front door — specifically when special occasions like Christmas or her anniversary space coming up.

To stop Amazon residence or office distribution gift spoilers, friend can always ship come your nearby Amazon Locker.

What are Amazon Lockers? castle basically distribution sites located in much more than 900 U.S. Cities. You have the right to ship an object to one Amazon Locker of your selection and then pick it up in ~ a time that’s practically for you.

To delivery to an Amazon Locker, discover your closest Locker location while logged in to her Amazon account and add it to her shipping resolve book. Now, every time you acquisition an item, you can choose your Locker together the shipping address.

Once an item has been ceded to the Locker, Amazon will email friend the distinctive six-digit code you’ll should retrieve it. Get in the password on the Locker’s touchscreen interface, wait for the Locker door come open and also pick up her package.

Note: Although many items have the right to be shipped to Amazon Lockers, size and weight restrictions still exist. You additionally only have three calendar work to pick it up, or it will be returned to Amazon for a refund. Over there is no added cost for utilizing an Amazon Locker, but standard shipping prices (including complimentary Prime shipping) quiet apply.

Ship to a different address

You can also ship come a different resolve by visiting the regulate Addresses and 1-Click setups in Your Account.

Just click Add Address and put in the details. For security reasons, you will be request to confirm your credit transaction card each time you location an order utilizing a new or edited address.

You can likewise delete or edit any type of saved resolve you have in this section.

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Amazon Key

If you want your distribution placed in details areas in ~ your home address, such as your garage, inside her home, behind a gate or also in your auto trunk, shot Amazon Key. Just how does that work? examine out this helpful video:

Now the you know how to hide all her purchases and also search background adjust those settings and start shopping!

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