While Voice and Talkatone space our top two picks for our purposes, if you’re in search of an app with a bit an ext functionality beyond an easy calls and texts, or an application with the ability to create much more than one number, check out these applications:

For the functions of this article, we’ll be using a number indigenous Google Voice, in addition to screenshots indigenous Voice as we set up our new WhatsApp account.

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Google Voice’s setup process is reasonably straightforward. You’ll require a Google account to acquire started, and also the app and website will walk new users v picking a brand-new number. When you have your brand-new Google Voice number handy, you’re ready to move onto the next step in the process.

Setting up a new WhatsApp Account

Alright, when you’re armed with your brand-new number from any type of of the solutions we outlined above, you’re prepared to begin setup up a new WhatsApp account.

For this article, we’re using the Android variation of WhatsApp.


After this, WhatsApp will certainly ask to watch your SMS message so it can instantly detect the verification code. While this is normally very convenient, carry out not allow WhatsApp to perform this.

As the text is going to her Google Voice or Talkatone number and also not to your device’s SMS inbox, WhatsApp won’t be able to detect the code from your phone. Instead, click “Not Now” to get in the confirmation code manually.

Once you obtain your code, go into the six digits into the field on her device. Next, you’ll it is in asked to input a name for your WhatsApp account (this can always be adjusted later), and once this is done, you’ll be lugged to your new inbox.

Despite using your alternate number, you have the right to still see your contacts automatically from your primary device, though save in mind that they won’t check out your name in your account unless you give them your alternate number or you start messaging them v the service.

How to adjust Your WhatsApp call Number

If you’ve been utilizing WhatsApp because that years and don’t want to develop an entirely brand-new account, it is feasible to adjust the number within the settings of her WhatsApp account.

Once again, the steps listed below are using the Android version of the application, despite iOS individuals should be able to follow comparable steps top top their very own platform.

Open WhatsApp.
Enter your existing account phone call number in the optimal box.
Tap Next.
Tap DONE come save and also verify the brand-new phone number.

After complying with these steps, WhatsApp will upgrade your account to incorporate your Google Voice call number.

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Final Thoughts

While WhatsApp needs your phone call number to authorize up, there’s naught to protect against you from utilizing an alternate or burner call number to properly “hide” your real number.

When you pick to usage an alternate number on WhatsApp, you can provide that number to her friends, family, and also associates, while simultaneously protecting your major phone number from people you don’t understand well.