Want to hide her number as soon as calling and texting? it is in it to send one anonymous text to a crush, beat a harmless prank on your friends or for every little thing reason(only the best reason). I"ve obtained you covered!


Reasons to hide your phone number

The key reason come hide her phone number is to defend your personal information and privacy. Our phone numbers have somewhat become part of our identity and are bound to many of our personal information such as our home addresses, email accounts, social media accounts etc. Having actually a secret phone number may save friend from having your an individual information leaked. Various other reasons come not offer out your personal number includes:

Work: selling on craigslist or making cold-calls that might require girlfriend to provide out your personal phone number come strangers can not be together a great idea.

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Online dating: You may not be quite ready come share your an individual number through the human being you space connecting v until you are committed. Privacy: joining an interest team or digital shopping platform may require you come share your personal number, so, why no mask your number and also skip the stroked nerves marketing text and also messages.

What are concealed phone numbers?

Before we check out what space the methods to hide her phone number, allow us learn what are hidden phone numbers. Essentially, they are recognize as "private numbers", once a call is made it does not show the registered number.

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Some conventional means of masking your phone number are, obtaining burner phones, to buy a dual SIM card mobile phone and also calling v Payphones. They space all an excellent ways of masking your phone numbers, however they can be slightly inconvenient or expensive. Let"s check out 3 ways how you deserve to conceal her phone number!

1. Change the "Caller ID" setup in her smartphone

Directly from your device, you are able to readjust your Caller id to appear as "Private Number". As detailed below, here are the step-by-step overview on just how you can obtain a surprise phone number because that iPhone and also Android. Take keep in mind that no all cell phone carriers enable this feature.

For iPhone

Step 1: walk to her phone"s setting menu

Step 2: pick "Phone"

Step 3: select "Show my Caller ID"

Step 4: on slide the "Show mine Caller ID" come off

For Android

Step 1: walk to her phone"s setup menu

Step 2: pick "Call settings" or "Calls"

Step 3: choose "Additional settings"

Step 4: choose "Caller ID"

Step 5: choose "Hide number"

2. Use a Caller i would Block code

A blocking password blocks her number indigenous being presented through Caller id temporarily or permanently, mirroring "Unknown number". If you desire to mask her phone number, merely dial the the blocking code before entering the number you great to contact. Take no that it can"t block details numbers such together 911 and also this just works for simple calls.

A usual Blocking password in phibìc America is *67. Blocking password vary based on countries and also carriers. To uncover out what is your Blocking code, find for "Block code" followed by her phone model, country, and carrier information. For example, you would type "United says AT&T iphone caller i would block code" into a search engine.

3. Use a short-term number

However, if girlfriend really call for an anonymous phone number, girlfriend should acquire a disposable 2nd phone number. Over there is a far better way of gaining a disposable number without the hassle of running under to the store to acquisition a 2nd phone or center card. There are various apps accessible on the market for friend to acquire a disposable exclusive phone number.

Second or multiple phone number apps enable you come have an ext control over your personal phone number by offering a disposable or long-term number. This apps will generate a brand-new number for you, permitting you to do an cotton two-way interaction without revealing your personal number.

How come buy surprise phone numbers?

I would encourage you to inspect out all the other apps for hidden phone numbers accessible on the market and decide which one suit her needs and wants base on their offered features.

If girlfriend are in search of a reliable application that puts her privacy and also security first, you have actually to check out Phoner! through Phoner you are able to develop a second phone number or lot of number with just 1 device, contract-free. Phoner supports phone calls and also text worldwide in end 35 countries, complimentary Phoner to Phoner messaging, and also the best part it is FREE to start using!

Download Links:

Get surprise phone numbers for iPhone

Get surprise phone number for Android

Start making use of your concealed phone number!


Now girlfriend know exactly how to hide your phone number as soon as calling and also texting, however be certain to constantly protect your privacy and also security at every times! us wouldn"t want your personal information landing in the not correct hands. Walk on and also protect yourself and also only use it for the right reasons.