Last month in ~ its Google I/O 2021 developer conference, Google announced its plans to add a Locked Folder to Google Photos. At the event, Google revealed the Locked Folder is coming very first to Pixel phones, and other Android phones will get this new feature later on this year. The firm has currently started rolling the end Locked Folder as component of the June Pixel function drop. In this article, you will certainly learn just how to hide your sensitive pictures and also videos making use of Locked Folder in Google image on Android.

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Use Locked Folder in Google image on Android (2021)

Before we obtain started, it’s worth pointing out that Locked Folder is accessible only on the Pixel 3 collection and later on right now. Hence, friend won’t find the feature in the original Pixel and Pixel 2 series. With that the end of the way, here’s how you have the right to use the brand-new Locked Folder in Google Photos.

Set increase Locked Folder in Google Photos

1. You should very first set up the “Locked Folder” to begin using it. To perform that, open up Google Photos, switch come the “Library” tab from the bottom navigation bar, and also tap ~ above the “Utilities” section.
2. When you are there, scroll down till you find the brand-new “Locked Folder” option. Girlfriend will find the Locked Folder under the “Organize her Library” section.

3.You must now check your maker screen lock to accessibility Locked Folder. After effective authentication, you will gain access to the feature and can start relocating your sensitive papers into this folder.

Move photos or Videos come Locked Folder

After setting up the Locked Folder, you are all collection to move your perceptible media to hide them native prying eyes. To relocate photos and videos come Locked Folder in Google Photos, pick the media and also tap top top the vertical 3 dots menu (More) in ~ the height right corner, and also choose “Move come Locked Folder”. Once the check prompt pops up, tap ~ above “Move” to hide your pictures and videos.

Save Photos straight to Locked Folder

If you very own a Pixel smartphone, you have the right to even save new images or videos directly to Locked Folder. Here’s how to perform it:1. Open up Pixel’s Camera application and tap ~ above the Folder icon in the top-right corner.

2. Friend will currently see two alternatives – photograph gallery and also Locked Folder. Tap ~ above “Locked Folder” to set it as the default destination for your images and also videos.

3. And that’s it. Images shot with Locked Folder turn on will automatically be concealed away indigenous your continuous gallery. However, you do have actually a “Move” option in the preview in case you want to quickly move the photo to your gallery.


Limitation of Google photos Locked Folder

With all that said, over there is a vital limitation in Google Photos’ Locked Folder feature you have to know before using that – all concealed images room stored locally. You can’t sync surprise files across your devices with Google Photos. As a result, you can’t earlier up sensitive pictures to the cloud as soon as you move them come Locked Folder. In instance you have already backed up, Google Photos will certainly delete the cloud backups of this files.Google has taken this action to prevent accidental exposure of your sensitive photos and also videos. In addition, the company will additionally automatically eliminate these surprise media from your existing memories and also will no longer show them top top Google clever displays. That is something you must keep in mind prior to using Locked Folder in Google Photos.

Alternatives to Google photos Locked Folder

While Pixel phone owners deserve to now hide photos and also videos in Google Photos, we don’t want other Android customers to leave their sensitive media exposed to nosy individuals. Well, don’t worry, we have you covered. Right here are a couple of popular options to Google photos Locked Folder you deserve to use to hide photos or videos on any type of Android phone:

KeepSafe photograph Vault

If you room a long-time Android user, friend must have crossed paths with Keepsafe in the past. It is one of the ideal apps come safeguard personal photos or videos on Android. That is easy-to-use, support pattern, pen code, and also fingerprint authentication. You can then organize her media in a clutter-free folder grid. As for the defense features, you get accessibility to fake login PINs, break-in alerts, cloud backups, and also more.Download (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)1Gallery

The second app I would recommend come hide photos or videos on Android is 1Gallery. It secures your private media records inside one encrypted folder instead of simply using the .nomedia expansion to do media non-scannable. That way your media will stay safe and hidden even on one Android phone through root privileges. You have the right to use pin code, pattern, and fingerprint authentication to accessibility the locked folder. The app likewise has a minimal and also clean UI, which is a bonus.

Download: (Free, provides in-app purchases)While these are more than likely the ideal apps come hide photos and videos on Android, friend can examine out other apps for this purpose from our connected article.

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Hide sensitive Photos or Videos in Google Photos

So, that’s exactly how you can use the new Locked Folder attribute in Google Photos to hide your personal pictures and also videos. If you have a Pixel phone, upgrade to the June Pixel attribute drop to start using the function right away. Meanwhile, if you dislike to wait, girlfriend could likewise check the end the safe folder in Google’s Files application to hide sensitive files.