This article is a complete guide around hidden album Google Photos and recommends a technical tool to increase the storage space of Google Photos. If you want to hide or lock any images in Google picture easily, please refer to this article to find out the in-depth operations.

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What Does surprise Album in Google image Mean?

Google image has become the most popular cloud company for people to store pictures, videos and audio files nowadays. This convenient service helps customers organize picture orderly and likewise save the storage room of your local tools like smartphone and computer. However, there room some private photos that we don’t desire to display up ~ above the homepage of Google Photos. 

And it is the time once the covert album in Google picture matters. If you hide albums or picture on Google Photos, those albums or photos are not deleted, however just not presented on the main page the Google Photos. In this way, others cannot check out the an enig pictures ~ above Google Photos’ key page, which might protect your privacy to some extent.

Can You do Google Photos hidden Album?

Imagining that you space doing a presentation at a regular firm meeting by using Google Photos, and also your computer is associated to a projector. Suddenly, part private photos such as conversation screenshots, stupid selfies or funny nudes room displaying top top the main page the Google Photos, i m sorry may cause a society death. In this situation, you have to be awkward and want come escape to one more planet come live as quickly as possible.

Hide image on Google Photos

So, is it feasible to develop a hidden album top top Google Photos? The answer is absolute yes! Google photos is user-friendly and allows users come hide photos effortlessly. Basically, you can use the “Archive” function of Google image to do your images secret. Besides, Google is rolling the end a new function dubbed “Locked Folder” to lock your photos together well. Read below to learn more.

Making Google Photos covert Album on Computer

If you don’t desire to show up your exclusive photos ~ above the main page that Google Photos, but still desire to find for specific images easily when needing, you can directly ask the “Archive” function for help. And the good thing is the Archive have the right to be supplied on Google image webpage and desktop app top top computer.

By including photos or albums right into Archive, they will certainly not be shown on the homepage the Google Photos. However, you can accessibility those hidden images in albums, search results and also your Archive. Now, you re welcome read listed below to find out the thorough operations.

Step 1: Head come Google Photos, and also click on the “Archive” switch on the left sidebar.

Go to Archive

Step 2: press “+ Add photos” top top the optimal right corner.

Click include Photos

Step 3: pick the photograph or image you desire to hide, and then tap “Done” ~ above the upper right side.

Click done on Google Drive


1. Or, you can also add photo right into Archive by picking the photo on the homepage, and then click the “3 dots” button on the top right edge to pick “Archive”. In this way, the snapshot will no be presented up ~ above the main page that Google Photos.

Add photo to Archive

2. In instance you want to unhide the photos, friend could pick the picture in Archive, and click “3 dots” to pick “Unarchive”.

Unarchive a Photo

Creating Google Photos concealed Album on Mobile

It is much more likely to hand the call to others to display pictures in people’s everyday life. So, to safeguard privacy, most of you want to recognize the method to hide photos in Google image on your phone. There room 2 useful ways for your reference.

Way 1: By making use of Archive Feature

Similar to usage the Archive function on computer, the method to produce Google image hide album on phone is really easy. Now, the in-depth steps space as follows:

Step 1: go to Google Photos application on her phone.Step 2: select the photo you desire to hide, and also click top top the “3 dots” switch to choose “Archive”. Next, push “DONE”. In this way, the picture you have actually selected will be added to Archive and also will no be displayed up ~ above the main page the Google Photos.

Move Photos to Archive on Phone
Way 2: developing Google Photos covert Album by Locked Folder

Have you ever encountered a situation like this: once handing your phone to rather to show off wonderful photos, you all of sudden realize castle scrolled too much to check out some perceptible photos. If you want to store those picture secret, you might use the brand-new feature of Google Photos called Locked Folder

Literally, “Locked Folder” way that conserved items in the Locked Folder won"t show up on Google Photos. Rather cannot see them in albums, key page and also search results, i m sorry is different from Archive. Likewise, the picture in Locked Folder room not accessible to any kind of other apps on her phone. So, it is a safer way to keep your privacy.

Now, you might follow the steps below to create Google Photos an enig album by setting up Locked Folder:

Step 1: First, friend should collection up the Locked Folder on her Google Photos. When open her Google image app, go to the “Library” tab.

Go to Library top top Google image on Phone

Step 2: press “Utilities” to select the “Locked Folder” option.

Tap Utilities to select Locked Folder

Step 3: click on the “Set up locked folder” button in the pop-up window. And also follow the accuse to complete the set-up process.

Set increase Locked Folder

Step 4: After creating the Locked Folder, girlfriend could include photos come the Locked Folder by picking them, and then madness the “3 dots” button on the upper ideal side.

Click three Dots Icon

Step 5: pick “Move to locked folder”. In this way, others cannot see them there is no a password.

Move come Locked Folder

Tips:1. Friend can"t ago up any kind of of the images that the Locked Folder contains. If you move existing photos come the Locked Folder, backups of these photos will be deleted automatically.

2. It is said that the Locked Folder attribute will launch an initial on Google Pixels, and also then will be comes to various other Android phones transparent the year. So, it is friendly come Android users.

Bonus Tip: just how to free up space on Google Photos

Although Google Photos offers a generosity 15GB of complimentary storage space, it share the an are with Google Drive and Gmail. Therefore, it is very easy to operation out the the storage room very quickly. If girlfriend don’t setup to to buy the premium arrangement but still want to store using this app, you need to seek other methods to increase the storage room of Google Photos.

In this case, you can consider As a professional cloud record manager, is dedicated in regulating cloud services and data in cloud drives in just one place. Supporting 32 famous cloud drives currently, provides users some an easy operations like downloading, uploading and sharing.

Besides, provides main attributes such together Cloud Transfer and also Cloud Sync. In addition, enables users to perform Remote Upload that can help upload or download native URL, magnet links and torrent files, for instance, downloading and install torrents straight to Google Drive.

If you want to continue using Google Photos, you can move part photos or videos in Google picture to any kind of other clouds, and then delete lock to complimentary up the storage room of Google Photos. In this case, the Cloud Transfer feature of can help you solve this trouble effortlessly. Now, read listed below to learn the means to broaden the storage space of Google Photos.

Step 1: Head to and sign increase for totally free by her email. Or, you can create a momentary account by tapping “Try without signing up”.

Sign Up

Step 2: Click the “Add Cloud” button on the left menu bar, and include the cloud friend need. Right here we include Google Photos and also OneDrive.

Add Google Photos and also OneDrive

Step 3: walk to “Cloud Transfer”, then pick Google Photos together the resource directory and also OneDrive as the target directory. Next, tap “Transfer Now”.

Transfer Google Photos come OneDrive

On top of transferring, users might use Cloud Sync to sync records from Google Photos to another, for example, syncing Google Photos v OneDrive. Besides, there space brilliant 8 sync settings such together Real Time Sync, mirror Sync, relocate Sync, Cumulative Sync and also so on.


1. is based upon data web traffic to upload, download, transfer and also sync files. So, if the network link is interrupted, it will certainly not influence the process. In this way, girlfriend don’t should sit in former of the computer system to oversee the process.

2. If friend have huge files come transfer, sync or upload, you could purchase a premium setup to get much more data traffic. Meanwhile, you have the right to enjoy other expert functions as well, such as Quintupled deliver Speed, Double-syncing and also File Transfer/Sync Filter.

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3. If you have plenty of photos to move from Google Photos to OneDrive, and plan to move them in batches, girlfriend could set up reserved transferring follow to your requirements by click the “Schedule” button. 


In the End

After reading this article, did you do it learned basic methods top top Google Photos surprise album on computer and phone through Archive and Locked Folder feature. Meanwhile, there is a third-party app,, because that you come expand space on Google Photos. By utilizing this service, you have the right to transfer or sync photos from Google photos to an additional efficiently and cost-free up room in Google image then.