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Your iPhone and iPad have actually a handy attribute that enables you to hide picture on her Camera role — and also here"s how you have the right to do it.

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If you"re prefer us, you"ve gained a ton of photos you desire to keep, yet you don"t need them clogging up your Camera Roll. Perhaps you have actually pictures of identifying info you don"t desire someone to see while you look v your picture on your morning commute.

For years, the was typical for civilization to turn to third-party apps or store sensitive details off-device in the cloud. Unfortunately, both services were hardly ideal.

Fortunately, you have the right to now natively hide photos via your iPhone"s image app. Apple implemented the feature in iOS 14. By utilizing the new Hide attribute on your iPhone or iPad, girlfriend can quickly store photos the end of sight.


Open PhotosTap ~ above the snapshot you great to hideAlternatively, you have the right to tap Select in the height right corner and also select lot of photosTap the share button in the reduced left cornerScroll down and tap ~ above HideTap Hide Photo

Hidden picture won"t show up in her Camera Roll, but you can easily accessibility anything surprise by the town hall your covert folder.

If you"re pertained to that someone might stumble throughout your surprise album, Apple likewise lets girlfriend hide your surprise album together well.


Note: Hiding the surprise album walk not protect against those that know around the feature from doing part snooping. However, that does ensure that no one will accidentally stumble upon your exclusive photos.


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