iPhones come v so many new features these days, it can be tough to store track ... And sometimes to also know they exist. Us hear ya. But some of those features can be extremely useful.

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For instance, did you recognize you can hide photos on her iPhone? You can even produce hidden photo albums on one iPhone, too. The "Hide Photo" feature on your iPhone is certainly one you need to be using, and not just since it"s there. We"re huge fans that privacy here at lasignoralaura.com, and also we have the right to think the multiple factors (some obvious, some much less so) why someone could want to hide their iPhone photos. Let"s go you v them, candlestick we?

Why would certainly anyone want to hide photos?

We"ll start with the most noticeable reason: Nudes. Yours? who else"s? There"s nothing wrong through that at all. A lot of us take it them! but do girlfriend really feeling comfortable knowing you"re an accidental iPhone misplacement far from a full stranger having access to her intimate pics?

I shed my iPhone probably twice a day, and I barely ever before leave home. ~ above the opportunity that you shed your phone, you want to do it as an overwhelming as feasible for world to uncover those pics.

Maybe you"re no worried about losing your phone, or around strangers looking at her photos. Perhaps you"re much more concerned about showing your friends part cool picture you simply took and accidentally scrolling by a pic of her butthole! ns mean, that happens.

There are a bunch of apps you have the right to use come hide nudes and other ways to safely save sensitive images on her phone, yet you don"t necessarily have to worry around those if you usage your iPhone"s "Hide Photo" feature.

Nudes may not be the only photos on her iPhone you desire to hide. Probably you don"t take them at all, and that"s fine, however consider the assorted other possibilities. Because that holidays, birthdays, or any special gift-giving occasion, you may have taken a picture of something you want to provide to somebody else. And also if you"re hanging out with that person, girlfriend don"t want them to accidentally discover their present on your phone when it was supposed to it is in a secret! Hiding image is a sneaky great move as soon as it involves keeping surprised presents one *actual* surprise.

Or perhaps you have actually a not-so-secret take self stash girlfriend don"t necessarily desire everyone come see. We"re absolutely not anti-selfie, yet if you favor taking selfies and aren"t comfortable having actually them in a super-accessible place, a surprise album on your iPhone may be a perfect place to save them.

How come hide image on iphone phone

Go to her iPhone photo gallery and find the photograph or image you desire to hide. Madness "Select" in the top righthand corner, then tap the photograph or picture to pick them.

Next, walk to the bottom left corner of your iPhone screen and also tap the "Share" symbol — a small box v an arrow pointing up inside it. Don"t worry, choosing this symbol isn"t in reality going come "share" your photos.

Then, role down previous your share choices and madness the "Hide" function, marked by a symbol of one eyeball with a line going v it.


When prompted, tap "Hide Photo."

That photo or selection of photos will currently be in her "Hidden Album," which can be discovered by walk to your photos and also scrolling every the method down under the "Utilities" section, whereby it states "Hidden," characterized by the exact same eyeball icon as before.

Tap "Hidden" to see the hidden photos on your iPhone.


What around making a surprise album on your iPhone?

Perhaps you"re not satisfied with simply hiding individual photos and also you"d like to learn just how to make and also navigate concealed albums on her iPhone as well. If that"s the case, here"s what friend do:

Go to your iPhone settings and also scroll down to "Photos." In her "Photos" settings, you can scroll under to wherein it says "Hidden Album." There"ll be a toggle come the ideal of it.

When the toggle lit up green and also switched to the right, that method the "Hidden Album" designation (not the photos themselves) will appear under "Utilities" in your "Albums" tab. When "Hidden Album" is switched off, the covert album on your iPhone will certainly no longer appear under "Utilities" favor it go before, an interpretation no one can accessibility your covert photos. You have the right to switch it turn off without fear of your surprise photos being deleted. Once you move it back on, your covert photo album will certainly be best where it to be before.


Please keep in mind that if someone knows all the details we discussed in this story — just how to hide photos on one iPhone and how to access hidden albums on iPhones — then they know sufficient to be able to access your stealthily stored away photos, also if you"ve taken this precautions. The "Hide Photo" attribute on iPhones is no a 100 percent fail-safe way to keep your image hidden. Because that that, apologize would have to implement some kind of passcode/fingerprint/facial i would security system to restrict access to covert photos. Somehow, we"re not there yet.

Be that together it may, making use of the "Hide Photo" iPhone attribute is still a an excellent idea, because there"s constantly the opportunity that someone looking with your call doesn"t understand this information. Therefore, making use of the "Hide Photo" feature still way you"re much better off than you to be before, and it costs you nothing, for this reason we"d to speak it"s quickly worth a try.

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This short article originally published in January 2021, and was updated in respectable 2021.