This write-up is an ultimate guide around hidden album on Google Photos. No matter you desire to hide or unhide album ~ above Google Photos, you deserve to read this short article to learn detailed steps.


3. Pick the “Archive” fifth option indigenous the top. This option allows you produce a hide album in Google Photos.

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4. On the save page, click “Add photos” ~ above the height right. Then, choose the picture you desire to archive. After ~ selection, click “Done” top top the peak right.


✎Note: Alternatively, on the residence page, you have the right to tick the photos you need, and then click the three dots symbol on the optimal right. In the drop-down menu, pick “Archive”.


5. Now, her selected photos have been archived, if you desire to check out the concealed photos in Google photos you have actually just hide, you have the right to click “Archive” alternative (as displayed in the picture in action three) to see all of them here. If you want to archive an ext photos, click "Add Photos" top top the top right.


6. If you want to unhide these photos, friend can choose photos you need, and also then click the 3 dots symbol on the peak right to select “Unarchive” in the drop-down menu. Then, her photos will be on the home display of your Google Photos.


You can additionally create a surprise album on Google Photos application on her mobile tools with the adhering to steps:

1. On your Android call or tablet, open the Google picture app.

2. Sign in to your Google Account.

3. Choose a photo and also then madness “Menu button (three dots icon on the optimal left) > “Archive”.


✎Note: The mobile Google image app also shows image that space in folders on the device. You can hide these folders by including an empty paper with paper name .nomedia come the folder. The folder will no much longer be shown in Google Photos, and also probably likewise other galleries, but can quiet be see in a document manager.

4. After ~ archiving, you deserve to click “Archive” to view your hidden photos here.


5. Come unarchive her photos, pick the photos and click the 3 dots symbol on the height right to select “Unarchive” in the drop-down menu.

Bonus tip: Google picture no longer administer unlimited storage

Google announced that it no longer provides Google Photos countless Storage company after June 1, 2021. As we every know, the limitless Storage business of Google photos attracted huge users. If Google end the service, there should be countless users who space seeking an alternate to Google Photos.

If you require an alternative to Google image on windows PCs, you deserve to take into consideration. That is a experienced cloud back-up service for windows PC. It enables you to back-up PC papers including photos and videos to its Cloud and keeps her photos far away indigenous your local devices. And any time you need them, you can restore them come an initial or new location through easily.

What's more, the also permits you to back-up files come third-party cloud storage consisting of OneDrive, Dropbox, and also Google Drive. Furthermore, it additionally supports cloud-to-cloud backup and also cloud-to-cloud sync. If gives uses with so many powerful features, you have the right to download it and have a complimentary trial.

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1. Download and create a brand-new account, and also then sign in come desktop computer app.