Here"s just how to hide picture on the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones, so that only you will have the ability to view them.

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The lineup that Samsung Galaxy S10 phones all encompass some solid cameras, so you have the right to take some an excellent pictures. However, some images that girlfriend make may not be because that the public. So, have the right to you hide picture on the phone from prying eyes? Yes, friend can. Here’s how to hide image on the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones, for this reason that only you will have the ability to view images on her smartphone.

How to hide picture on the Samsung Galaxy S10


One that the ideal features on the Galaxy S10 phones is for sure Locker, which allows users to put in files, consisting of photos, inside a safeguarded folder that can then be covert from public view, and also can just be accessed through the owner that the phone. To discover hide picture on the Samsung Galaxy S10, friend must an initial set up the phone’s certain Locker feature.

First, go to the apps screen and also tap top top the setups app.Then, tap top top the Biometrics and security selection.Then tap on the Secure Folder option.Then you will be asked to sign into your Samsung account. Once you perform that, you will certainly be welcomed right into the certain Folder feature.


The next step is to set up how to accessibility the certain Folder. Samsung’s very own security prevented united state from acquisition screenshots of this step, but you will check out a menu screen asking girlfriend to choose a pattern, a pin number, a password or use the phone’s fingerprint sensor to go into the certain Folder. When you choose your an approach of entry, the certain Folder symbol will show up on her apps display or her Samsung apps folder.


The next step is to transfer any kind of photos you want to hide come the secure Folder. Here’s exactly how to do that:

Tap top top the secure Folder icon, use your technique of entry, and also you will view inside that component of the files.Tap ~ above the Add files icon on the bottom the the screen, and also then tap top top the Images symbol that will pop up.Transfer any photos that are on your phone come the secure Folder.


Finally, the time come hide the secure Folder, and those photos, indigenous the public. Here’s how to carry out it:

First, walk to the apps screen and tap top top the Settings app.Then, tap on the Biometrics and also security selection.Then tap top top the Secure Folder option.You will watch a Show for sure Folder selection with a slider colored blue ~ above the appropriate side. Tap on it, and you will certainly be request if you want to hide the for sure folder. Tap the Hide option.

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The secure Folder icon will disappearfrom her Galaxy S10’s screen, and also the photos the you didn’t want anyone to watch are now hidden. To check out the secure Folder again, go to the Settings app, climate Biometrics and Security, then the Secure Folder option. Climate tap ~ above the slider beside the Show secure Folder selection. You will certainly be request to placed in her pattern, PIN, password or to use the fingerprint sensor and the secure Folder will end up being visible again on screen, so you can accessibility your pictures.