Exposed pipework, even in your laundry room, have the right to be unsightly and ruin the overall look of her laundry room. However, they don’t have actually to. We’ve researched plenty of ways to hide the tube in her laundry room to make the room an ext appealing. In this post, we will share these principles with you.

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Here is a multitude of ways that you deserve to hide tube in her laundry room:

Go industrialCover castle with style tape Add wood pipe wrappingAdd a little bit of foliageCover them with binsBuild a false wallReplace lock with better looking pipesAdd wraparound lightsBox lock in Build a shelf Wrap castle in rope

Plumbing fixtures, particularly exposed pipework, deserve to seem the end of place and even destroy your to wash room’s overall look. However, there are several means that pipework deserve to be surprise from view totally or decorated to make them more visually appealing. Continue reading to learn about the variety of ways the you deserve to hide exposed pipework in your laundry room.


11 means To Hide tube In to wash Rooms

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11 means To Hide tube In laundry Rooms


Go Industrial

Who claims that you have to ”hide” your laundry room pipes at all? If you have copper or steel pipes, you deserve to go for a classic, retro look come make her lines room stand the end more.

You can integrate this look with planet tones, a few trinkets, and a tiny decorative area rug for a laundry room that’s in-style. You may want to likewise place a rug pad in ~ the rug to stop it indigenous sliding, an especially if her laundry room has a brick floor.


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Cover lock with architecture tape

You’ll it is in surprised by how much a tiny washi tape have the right to make a distinction when it concerns transforming exposed pipes. This decorate tape can be purchased online or at any local craft store for around $20. If friend are trying to find a way to turn those hideous exposed pipes into beautiful functions of art, here’s one technique to consider.


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Add timber pipe wrapping

Wood pipe covers space another an excellent way to disguise unsightly drainage pipe in your laundry room. You deserve to buy hardwood pipe wrapping online or at local craft stores. Using it is easy, and you can even construct the extending yourself. Be sure to properly measure her pipes’ length, width, and also height come ensure that the pack has enough spacing to cover the piping totally without touching it directly.

Add a bit of foliage

You can likewise use real and also fake tree to conceal unsightly tube in her laundry room area. If your pipes are near the floor, consider including a few potted plants to the area in front of them to store them the end of view. However, if her pipes operation horizontally or vertically along the wall, consider including faux leaf wraps about them to do the room look much more exotic.


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Cover them with bins

If your laundry room pipes room close to the floor or run right up a wall, take into consideration placing tiny baskets or storage bins in former of lock to store them the end of view. You have the right to purchase this bands virtual or in ~ a craft save for about $10. Conserve yourself a few bucks through searching approximately your residence for any baskets or extra bands friend may have lying around.

Be sure to place the bins a couple of inches far from your pipes in the event that you have a leakage worry in the future. If the bins’ height doesn’t sheathe the tube completely, think about using pipe covers for the exposed height sections.


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Build a false wall

Consider building a false wall around her laundry room piping. All you need is a tiny bit of plasterboard, a few wood beams, and also a grasp of screws. If you’re handy through a hammer and also drill, you can probably build this wall yourself in a day–not to point out save yourself a pair of hundred bucks in contractor costs. However, when structure this wall, make certain to waterproof the areas approximately the piping to stop water damage from leaks.


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Replace them through better-looking pipes

Go for an industrial look in your laundry room and replace your current pipes through a copper or chrome finish. Not only will this give your wash room a more modern feel, but it will enable you to perform a rapid remodel project and update old piping. This can also be a great look if you plan on selling your house in the next couple of years.

Add wraparound lights

Who claimed that you can’t have Christmas lamp in her laundry room? Exposed tube can present a good opportunity to add unique decor to your laundry room. Think about wrapping strands that multi or single-colored lights about the pipe in her bathroom to do the room appear an ext exciting and less bland. Also, it’s a good idea to make certain that the pipes have no leak issues before installing the lights.


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Box castle in

If the tube in her laundry room run along the lower part of the wall, take into consideration boxing them in v trim. Because that this method, you’ll have to measure the pipes’ width and also length. This ensures that the trim crate in the pipes completely–and with a small added space between it and also the pipe.

If friend aren’t handy, it might be a great idea to have a contractor do this task, together it can require precise measurements and also cutting the the trim to fit correctly over the pipes. You have the right to use any trim type for this job, and also you can even paint the trim to make the room an ext appealing.

Build a shelf

Building a shelf in prior of or about your pipe is another creative way come hide lock from plain view. Not just will you have more storage for her laundry-related tools and materials, yet it’s inexpensive and easy to do. Consider turning the shelf into a bookshelf and also tossing up a couple of of your favorite paperback copies.


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Wrap them in rope

Go rustic with rope wrapped roughly your to wash room’s water pipes. There are numerous different varieties of rope colors, textures, and patterns to pick from. You can visit a regional craft store or shop digital for distinctive or hand-made designs. If you’re trying to find an earthy and also simple method to keep those unsightly tube from ruining the look at of her laundry room, here’s a great one.


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Are sink skirts still a thing?

Though sink skirts were an ext popular in the 50s and 60s 보다 they room currently, they have actually made a little of a resurgence in the past 5 years. The reason is the sink skirts market a convenient means to hide off-putting pipes in ~ bathroom sinks. On optimal of that, they provide an easy and decorative means to include and conceal extra storage space beneath her sink.


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How perform you hide exposed pipes on the wall?


The ideal ways come hide exposed pipes on a wall are come cover lock with big items such as bins and baskets, construct a wall shelf in former of them, or usage pipe covers come conceal them. Girlfriend can additionally box in the pipes through trim or sheathe them v fitted pipe covers.

Can you cover a dryer vent?

Yes. Dryer vent covers, also known as “wall caps,” are used to prevent external air from entering her laundry area while at the same time allowing the wait from the dryer and excess lint to escape outside when necessary. Dryer vent covers room usually make of plastic and can be purchased for approximately $15 digital or at your neighborhood hardware store.

If you’re in a pinch, you can likewise install your very own makeshift dryer vent sheathe by cutting a piece of difficult wire fabric that’s large enough come fit over the dryer vent hole.


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Wrapping points Up

We hope that this post has detailed you v a sufficient number of ways the you have the right to cover exposed pipes in her laundry room. Remember the you’ll have to measure your pipes accurately before applying any cover directly over them.